Wilderness School alumni hone skills in outdoor leadership, community engagement and job preparation

“I saw a need for this program,” says Clay Webb, program facilitator. “Participants are facing some of their biggest challenges and didn’t know where to go when they finished Wilderness School. I wanted to figure out a program that offered additional leadership and support for youth that are looking for it.”

With a heavy focus on outdoor leadership and mentorship training, the Summit Program also provides opportunities for youth to connect with their community through volunteer projects. 


“Connection is really big for these guys,” says Sylvia Storry, community development coordinator. “We found in the past couple of years that youth who graduate from the program are still seeking the connection and community Power To Be provides. So we’ve extended that a little bit further to give them an opportunity to give back.”




In addition to weekly evening sessions that cover topics ranging from conflict resolution and teamwork to group facilitation and job skills. Youth will be coached on how to put together a professional resumé and cover letter and then given a mock interview.




“It is my hope that this program serves as a building block that provides them with more skills,” Clay says. “They can use some of the things they learned to seek work in the outdoors, or at least continue doing outdoor activities on their own when they finish.”


The skills they develop will be transferable to other aspects of their lives, as they enhance social and leadership skills, while focusing on accountability. Sylvia says the Summit Program is intended to set the youth up for success. “It is about helping them build skills that they can use later on in life, whether that be in outdoor leadership or whatever path they choose” she says. “It’s about reinforcing that connection with community, but also with nature.”


* The Summit Program is for Wilderness School alumni and is at full capacity for 2015.