Power To Be was presented with an exciting opportunity to partner with Nature Bee to create custom Beeswax wraps where 15% of the proceeds are donated to Power To Be. The timing was perfect as Nature Bee celebrates their 5th anniversary this year, and Power To Be celebrates our 25th! Power To Be caught up with Katie Gamble, Founder of Nature Bee, who shared more about Nature Bee and what makes their products so special!

Hi! My name is Katie Gamble and I founded Nature Bee in 2018 when I was searching for a single use plastic alternative. In my final year of university, I became increasingly aware of the plastic pollution problem and was determined to find a way to help positively impact our planet.

Sustainability can be a daunting topic but I wanted to raise awareness and provide solutions that were accessible for everyone. I have always believed that one small change can have a big impact and I wanted to encourage others to choose the eco-friendly option when possible. After trial and error, I developed my formula for beeswax wraps in my parents’ basement. When I attended my first few markets and sold out, I realized that Nature Bee could become more than a product but rather a community of like minded individuals who are working to make the world a better place.

Combining my passion for sustainability and supporting people with all abilities and backgrounds, Nature Bee has since grown our operations to our own facility where our team of busy bees (employees) hand fold and package each wrap. At this stage of the business, Nature Bee is available in over 300 retail stores across North America and has introduced new products from Swedish Dishcloths to Concentrated Cleaning Tablets.

With everything we do at Nature Bee, we always consider our core values: sustainability, innovation, community, impact and education. Each beeswax wrap supports our local businesses, like Country Bee Farm on Vancouver Island, where we get our Beeswax. It supports our Canadian and female run team composed of individuals with diverse backgrounds and abilities. It also helps positively impact our planet. In 2022 alone we were able to avoid 250,000+ pieces of plastic and 50,000+ single use cleaning bottles that would have ended up in the landfills from use of beeswax wraps and refill tablets! Taking it even further, our products are compostable at the end of their lifecycle and any packaging for our products is recyclable. With nature and sustainability going hand in hand, every sustainable product we make or practise we adopt, helps our environment. Every action that supports Nature Bee allows us to support our local community and sustainability-oriented organizations.

As Nature Bee approaches our 5 Year Anniversary, we wanted to celebrate in our favourite way: partnering with a local organization to give back. Following my passion of working with people with diverse abilities, when deciding who we would want to work with, Power To Be instantly came to mind. As both organizations are focused on community, education, sustainability and impact we feel as though our values aligned perfectly. I have previously been a support worker for participants at Power To Be and know the importance of inclusion whether in nature with Power To Be or at your workplace like Nature Bee. By partnering with Power To Be we see an opportunity to grow our connection to the community and support their efforts with Everyone Belongs In Nature. We are thrilled to offer a custom product that participants can use to store their foods while out on adventures. This makes sure that the environment that Power To Be is using stays plastic free!! Together this collaboration shows both of our connections to nature, sustainability and community connection. Nature Bee is thrilled to be partnering with Power To Be for this limited edition Beeswax Wrap set! Be sure to check it out by clicking the button below! The wraps can also be purchased at Power To Be’s 25th Anniversary Celebration on Saturday, September 9th.