Power To Ski is an epic weekend of adrenaline-fueled powder skiing, fantastic food, comradery, and philanthropy deep in the Monashee mountains. The event was the brainchild of Power To Be’s founder Tim Cormode and a handful of loyal supporters over a decade ago.  Mustang Powder Lodge is the perfect place to host this spectacular experience.

For the past five years, Dr. Nadja Hildebrand, a Victoria-based Orthodontist, has attended Power To Ski – and didn’t hesitate to sign up for next year. She says, “Power To Be and Mustang Powder: what a perfect combination. This community of supporters is unique, caring, skilled, open-minded, and whole-hearted. It cannot get better than this, especially because this trip is held in the Monashee mountains.” She continues, “Almost every year, there’s an unusual amount of fresh powder in combination with the sun peeking out on the last day of a three-day, unforgettable adventure. Culinary delights every evening with deep conversations held between genuinely humble unbelievable skilled ski fanatics. I cannot imagine a better experience; it is definitely one of the highlights of the year.”

The sense of community and connection created by this event is not accidental. Nick Holmes-Smith, who owns the lodge with his partner Ali, wants to create the best cat skiing experience in the world, and bringing together people that love the sport is key to his success. “For over a decade, Mustang Powder and Power To Be have collaborated on hosting Power to Ski. Thirty-three keen skiers come in for early April to enjoy the powder snow of the Monashees. Mustang is proud and honoured to participate in providing access to nature. We hope to continue this fun ski holiday for many years into the future!”

Nick’s dedication to providing an exceptional experience means he hires like-minded individuals to support all aspects of the operation. Many staff have been there for multiple years, and love spending winter with their Mustang Powder family. Evan Freeman, a Tail Guide at the lodge, gets to call the stunning peaks of the Monashees his playground. Evan finds purpose in sharing his passion for the outdoors with others. He shares, “As a guide, I get to take people out into the mountains doing an activity that brings me so much joy. Sharing my passion with different people everyday fuels me and keeps me connected to my work.” Evan is a Tail Guide for the same reason that Power To Be exists: to share the wonder and benefits of nature.

This year, we were thrilled to have Paralympian Josh Dueck join us for this unforgettable weekend. He is both an extremely talented skier and an amazing ambassador for inclusive sport. Josh was also the first person to do a backflip on a sit ski! Josh shared some words on the final evening that epitomized the sentiment of the trip. “I’ve been super lucky in my life to ski a lot of operations, and Nick [Mustang Powder’s owner] knows better than most how to bring people to explore together in nature.” He went on to share, “Power To Be is a really good example of how sport can create profound change in the world and for the individual, family, and community.” Josh also believes in the power of the Growth-Zone; the area we find ourselves stepping out of our comfort zone to see what we are capable of, adding, “What’s life without a good challenge? This is such a good place to exercise that mentality. Sometimes we need support and that’s okay too: this is the place to feel supported.”

Power To Ski 2023 did not disappoint. The bonds and connections formed on the trip continue, and next year we will be excited to come together to support Power To Be once again at Mustang Powder. Thank you everyone who made this weekend so incredible!