Power To Be needs your help!

Our lead contractor, HeroWork, has a project underway at Power To Be’s Prospect Lake site: a renovation of a barn into a multi-purpose program space and the building of a new pavilion. This project is essential to the delivery of Power To Be programs. Due to the closure of their organization, HeroWork is unable to finish work on our site project and will not be completing it, so we are facing an unforeseen challenge. It is certainly a sad loss for the community that HeroWork has closed.

Power To Be is looking for help from other organizations and individuals in order to finish the project! We are grateful for all of the contractors and other partners who have told us they are open to continuing with Power To Be on this project.

We’re still gathering information and getting support coming in, but $150,000-$250,000 is the estimated cost to complete the project, pending final assessment. We are seeking community support to be a part of the solution.

If we receive more donations than we need for the play space and pavilion, every dollar will go back to our programs, which create essential access to nature for youth, families, and adults living with cognitive, physical, financial, and social barriers.


Media Contact

Dana Hutchings (she/her), Co-CEO