Have you ever wanted to get back at your trainer for all those sit-ups, push-ups, or burpees they had you do? Innovative Fitness’s Train the Trainer event is the ultimate opportunity to get back at your trainer while making a difference in your community. Has payback ever been so sweet?

The event allows gym and community members alike to assign trainers to challenges in exchange for a donation. This corporate event is hosted by Innovative Fitness and raises funds for a variety of local charities. Each Innovative fitness franchise selects a charity of their choice to generously donate to. This year was the 20th year of this awesome event and was Power To Be’s 3rd year being selected by the local Victoria location.

The fun-filled event leaves a legacy piece in the community for Innovative Fitness and allows them to show their support for a charity that aligns with their values of health, inclusion, and fun. Power To Be was selected as the charity of choice by Innovative Fitness as their staff and members greatly appreciate the benefits associated with spending time outdoors and believe that everyone should have access to nature.

The evening quickly kicked off with a swirl of spirit as the room filled with music, laughter, and lots of encouragement from the crowd. A lot of the fun was in the fact that the trainers can’t prepare for the challenges, as they have no idea what they will be assigned. This year’s event featured many new challenges, some intense and some wacky. Challenges this year included: skiing drills, Zumba, relay races, dress-up, giant spoons, and Plinko golf. All 10 of the location’s trainers participated, and the diverse set of activities left trainers smiling and sweating their way through each of the challenges.

Over $120,000 was raised in total for all of the Innovative Fitness locations, with the Victoria location reeling in $13,000 in support of Power To Be! Each year the event has gotten bigger and better, with this year being the best yet. Innovative Fitness hopes to continue this growth for years to come to further support their community and elevate the impact made possible through the event’s fundraising.

Innovative Fitness remains an incredible supporter of Power To Be; in addition to the Train the Trainer event, Innovative Fitness also supports Power To Be with their Ride for the Future event. We love to see like-minded local businesses supporting the Power To Be community and our mission. We’re stoked to see what new challenges will be brought to the Innovative Fitness team at next year’s Train the Trainer event!