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We invite you to join us for a journey along the #PathwayToPossibility as we share inspiring and heartwarming stories of Power To Be participants and their families.



At Power To Be, creating new opportunities and adventures that defy barriers is what we’re all about! By expanding perspectives and exploring new pathways, we support our participants in reaching their goals, as they discover confidence, skill building, and friendships along the way.

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In the relatively short time Power To Be has called Prospect Lake home, the natural space it encompasses has changed dramatically. This patch of wilderness has helped us access the outdoors while we learn and connect with each other.

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One of the most wonderful things about spending time in nature is the sense of imagination it evokes.  A particularly special spot at our Prospect Lake site is the Play Forest. This area offers an invitation to simply play, unstructured and exploratory, and encourages curiosity and discovery.

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West Van Youth staff and Power To Be collaborated to design and create a unique program that met the needs of the youth, while emphasizing themes of inclusion and empowerment so youth would feel more comfortable accessing outdoor spaces.

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So many memories have been made, laughs have been shared, and heights have been reached at The Boulders Climbing Gym. Stepping outside of your comfort zone and building confidence is a big part of our programs, and rock climbing programs provide the perfect opportunity!

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Whether hiking, climbing, kayaking, canoeing, or camping, our participants continue to show us that, when we remove barriers, anything is possible. The healing benefits of nature are unmistakable —your donation will help to make nature accessible and inclusive for everyone.

As part of our pathway to a brighter future, the IHNATOWYCZ FAMILY FOUNDATION has generously agreed to match all donations up to $50,000 until the end of the year! Please consider joining in on this opportunity for giving.

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