Power To Be’s initiatives are guided by the philosophy and approaches we carry in moving our purpose and vision forward. Focus areas being around Inclusion, Community and the Environment. By working with partners, we are able to build up our team, our participants and our community collectively.

We align with our 5 P’s which guide us when we are deciding who we can partner with, and why we feel there will be mutual benefit. Our 5 P’s are: People, Place, Practice, Planet, and of course, Purpose.

This year, Power To Be’s program team’s goal is to perpetuate our Purpose, by staying connected to our People, deepening our sense of Place, strengthening our actions as advocates and stewards for the Planet and enhancing our collective Practice so we can respond accurately to what we are noticing, hearing, and observing.

With that in mind we owe huge thanks to our partners. We work with over 25 Community Groups in both Victoria and Vancouver. To name a few who bring participants to us are Community Living Victoria, Intercultural Association of Victoria, West Van Youth Outreach, Big Brothers and Sisters, Island Kids Cancer Society, Foundry, Artemis Place School, Human Nature, Spinal Cord Injury BC, Canuck Autism Network, ECHO, PRYID and STEPS.

Partners that have supported us to develop our practice are fellow industry leaders in the outdoors, recreation therapists, occupational therapists, counsellors, and coaches. They work alongside us to strengthen our team, and assist with moving our practice around inclusion and access forward. We sit on committee’s and collectives in these different sectors and together we have built action plans to support programs during COVID as well as curriculum and events to support more equitable access to recreation and nature.

Our park, tourism, and indigenous partners have opened the door to new possibilities for our participants, our staff, and our volunteers. They have shared knowledge about the history and culture of the lands and waterways, joined our workshops to learn about our philosophy and approaches to carrying an ability-centered perspective and have shared perspectives around being advocates for not only people but for the planet.

Together with our holistic partnership practice we move our purpose forward, we support people throughout their lifespan to find new spaces and places to connect to, and we co-create what a sense of belonging can feel like locally, as well as on a national and regional scale. To each and every one of our partners we thank you for the great work you do, and the efforts you share with us through our partnerships.

This blog was written by Carinna Kenigsberg, Power To Be‘s Director of Programs & Impact. When she is not working, you can find her discovering mossy knolls with her adventurous boys and playful pup.