If you’ve been on a Power To Be program in Vancouver over the past three years, there’s a good chance you have had the pleasure of hanging out with this month’s participant spotlight, Chris. Chris got his start with Power To Be as he was looking for something to get him moving and into the outdoors. Whether it’s a day out kayaking at Whey-ah-Wichen, or a hike through one of the North Shore’s many parks, you can be sure a day with Chris will provide many smiles and laughs from his amazing sense of humour, and his incredible energy that fills any space with a sense of positivity and joy!

When it comes to Power To Be’s programming, Chris likes kayaking, hiking, and rock climbing because they provide him with an opportunity to get better at an activity. Chris enjoys a challenge, and he is always ready to face them head on and tackle whatever may come his way. Days on the water kayaking have been a highlight for Chris during the past three years with Power To Be, as well as a trip to Abilitas Lodge in Merritt, in early 2020, during which participants explored the property by snowshoe.

Chris continues spending his time at Power To Be because he likes the sense of community and the opportunity to socialize with other folks. He loves spending time face-to-face with other people, as well as the moments on program when he gets to work hard. Chris says Power To Be has made a positive impact in his own life, and the lives of others. He has seen improvements in himself throughout his time at Power To Be that are supporting other realms of his life too. As Power To Be has helped Chris in many areas of his own life, he is able to support and help other folks in their lives as well. Moving forward, he believes others will be able to experience the benefits he has experienced firsthand.

We are so grateful for everything that you bring to the Power To Be community, Chris!

This blog was written by Steph Wood, one of Power To Be‘s amazing Program Facilitators. Steph would prefer to sleep in a tent instead of her bed and loves scoping out coffee roasters and good pastries, especially when she can combine them with some of the outdoor activities she loves.