by Jasmine Parr, Community Engagement Specialist

I first met Adam when we were running the rehydration station together at a Power To Be event several years ago. I will never forget how openly and authentically he forged connections with volunteers, donors, staff, and participants while cutting oranges and filling cups with water in the pouring rain. For Adam, the heart of Power To Be lies in the connections it fosters.

Catching up with him now, years later, Adam shares a bit of his experiences throughout his time with Power To Be. Adam says, “what I love most about Power To Be is getting to meet people, it’s always fun sharing the experience of outdoor nature with others and exploring new things together.” As an individual with autism, Adam recognizes the inclusivity of the programs he attends, stating, “I love how Power to Be is always open to learning how to make access to nature more accessible for all, because everyone belongs in nature.”

Adam’s laughter is infectious as he recalls his favourite memories with Power To Be. He admits, “My gosh, there’s way too many!” However, a standout experience is the campouts he has attended. “Getting to hear the silence of everything at night, and the chorus of frogs serenading us with lullabies. I’ll also never forget learning how to make a shelter with a tarp and sticks.”

Power To Be has been a transformative journey for Adam. When asked how Power To Be helped him grow or learn over the years, Adam shares, “Power To Be has taught me how to live in the moment. They’ve taught me many things about wildlife and outdoor survival. I got to learn how to do water sports, which I love, and explore new trails. One of my favourite things I learned about is geocaching. I’m now always on the hunt for geocaches even without a GPS!”

Adam’s guiding philosophy is, “be a human being, not a human doing.” Nature has a unique way of reconnecting us to our natural roots, and Power To Be plays a significant role in helping people of all abilities realize this. Through outdoor experiences and the tight-knit community Adam has found, he is helping Power To Be prove that with a little support and a lot of adventure, everyone can thrive.

Everyone Belongs in Nature 💚🤍💙