At Power To Be we believe that physical activity and time outdoors is paramount to health and happiness. Without nature, we miss out on some of life’s most wonderful and transformative experiences and opportunities to broaden our personal horizons. With that in mind, we also believe it’s important to share our knowledge and support other organizations aiming to create opportunities to promote health and wellness. Last month we partnered with Helicopters Without Borders (HWB), a grassroots charity in Vancouver. HWB is dedicated to honouring remote and rural Indigenous communities by providing a non-profit air service to promote health and wellness throughout BC. HWB in its first year of operation worked with local First Nations to deliver vaccines, medications, PPE, clinicians, fresh produce, non-perishables and other needed cargo to BC’s most remote communities. Power To Be worked with HWB and donated paddleboards to deliver to Kitasoo First Nation. The paddleboards will be used this summer, amongst the whole community, so that everyone in the Kitasoo Nation has an opportunity to explore nature. Power To Be is proud to be supporting HWB. We look forward to all the future collaborations on how together we can create access to nature and empower people to experience the magic of the outdoors!