As the rainy season starts to emerge between the beautiful colours of the fall leaves, so do most people’s instinct to spend more time indoors. Nature brought our house solace during this unpredictable year, and with that I’m conscious to continue to embrace nature through the rainy months. If you also want to continue nature exploration during the rain this season, here are some fun ideas to do with your kids or on your own!

Enjoy a Colour Hike

Make the most out of the gorgeous fall colours by taking the kids on a fall color hike! Give them a printout of the colors of the rainbow and have them find leaves and other items that match each color. Red, orange, green, yellow and brown will be easy. But can they find something purple? What about black and white?

 Create Art

Mud is a fantastic medium for temporary artwork. If you have a sheltered area, you can bring out white paper and paint nature scenes using mud, or our favorite is playing x’s and o’s on our white fence. Sidewalk chalk is extra vibrant in the rain and is a fun way to colour the street. We also love to draw pictures in the wet sand using nearby sticks and practice drawing letters or playing Pictionary.

Make Music

Experiment with the sounds rain makes when it hits different objects. Search around your house for things like pots and pans, plastic bowls, wooden objects, and arrange them outside in an open area. When the rain begins to fall, listen to the household orchestra you’ve created.

Practice Mindfulness

Take a moment to slow down, take in nature, and appreciate this weather. In the rain you’ll get to experience sounds and smells of nature that aren’t around on a normal sunny day. Focus on what you’re sensing. What do you smell? What does the rain feel like on your face? What different noises does the rain make when it falls on trees, the ground, a roof, your jacket?

Go on a Scavenger Hunt

Nature scavenger hunts in the fall provide fun, engaging, hands on learning. Search for insects, nuts, leaves, and other things that can easily be found outside in the fall. Here is a link to a scavenger hunt Bingo card we made at Power To Be to give a try!

 Paint Rocks

Painting rocks is a fun way to bring nature indoors. You can paint insects and critters (our favorite is ladybugs!) or write words of gratitude to place back in your garden.

Have fun and enjoy your time in nature this season!

This blog was written by Ashley Dueck, Power To Be‘s Director of Systems and Communication. With a background in marketing, Ashley is passionate about storytelling and communicating how adventures in our beautiful landscapes can truly change a person’s life.