Thank you for generously supporting Power To Be. Reflecting on the success of the past 18 years and the ongoing groundswell of support, we can all be proud of the community investments that make our inclusive adventures in nature possible.

When Power To Be began in 1998, our idea was simple and powerful: help young people and their families living with a disability or barrier access nature. Through the enthusiasm of participants, dedication of staff and volunteers, and generous support of the community we have turned possibility into reality for so many youth, families and individuals. In 2015 alone 1,143 people benefited from the time, dedication and extraordinary talents everyone brought to our programs.

2015 Community Support and Impact

Public awareness of our mission and opportunities is growing rapidly. With a program office in North Vancouver now well established, and a new program base at Prospect Lake on the horizon in Victoria, a solid foundation has been created to move our vision forward.

As the complexity and reach of our work grows, the fundamental premise remains powerful. We believe everyone belongs in nature. And at Power To Be, we know we can solve some of the most pressing community issues our participants face, such as increased challenges accessing appropriate support services, limited opportunities to participate in activities that promote their heath and well-being, and isolation from their communities.

2015 Populations Served

We address these challenges by bringing people, businesses and other community organizations together, inspiring them with possibilities and engaging them in identifying solutions to take action. As a result, Power To Be is poised to ignite greater social change in the communities we serve.

Underpinning our commitment to contribute to the community is our attention to financial accountability. We pride ourselves in putting philanthropic dollars to good work. At the forefront of our expenses is the investment we make in our team. Our staff and volunteers are at the heart of what we do. Whether that means investing in professional development for staff and volunteers, or creating shared training opportunities through partnerships, we back up our belief in bringing out the best in our team. In doing so, we can continue to nurture a passionate and values-based work environment that attracts and retains the most talented people.

2015 Sources of Revenue

In 2015, we raised $2.1 million while receiving $700,000 of in-kind equipment, products and services. These much-appreciated contributions gave us the ability to continue to subsidize our programs, ensuring finances are never a barrier for the inspiring people we serve.

To scale up our impact, and deliver the greatest value for our participants and stakeholders we need to continue to invest more in our partnerships, our people, and our infrastructure. In doing so, we will not starve ourselves of the much-needed organizational capacity to address and sustain growth. To make this possible it is our hope you will continue to embrace Power To Be as an organization you choose to participate in and invest in.

2015 Distribution of Expenses

Nelson Mandela once said, “It is only impossible until it’s done.” There is much to be done at Power To Be and we look forward to ensuring the coming years of hard work have dramatically greater impact. We need and truly appreciate any help you can provide to inspire confidence that Power To Be is here to help for years to come.

Thank you for making inclusive adventures rooted in nature possible for so many people in our community. You belong at Power To Be, and everyone belongs in nature.

With deep gratitude,

Michael A Shannon
Board Chair

Tim Cormode
Founder and Executive Director