Another year has passed, and while some adverse circumstances remained the same, somehow 2021 felt different. Guided by excitement, unity, and commitment to our community, something was sparked at Power To Be that we all needed and were searching for—hope.

The importance of nature has been magnified during the past two years, when access to other spaces has been limited. The joy, community, and respite that the outdoors can provide is truly a gift and something that everyone, regardless of barriers, should have the opportunity to partake in. We have recognized that connecting with nature is beneficial to not only youth and families, but to adults and seniors as well.

And just like nature, as an organization we’ve learned to adapt to our environment. In addition to our in-person programs, we held virtual programs, family programs, and one-on-one programs to cater to our community in the ways they needed. In 2021, we gathered again, showing participants how to build confidence, explore their abilities, and pursue their goals. And in turn, they showed us the value of connection, and the difference that time spent outdoors can make in one’s life.

In the spring of 2021, we reached an incredible milestone as we began construction on our “Gateway To Nature”, our future home at Prospect Lake. With respectful and extensive considerations, we’ve integrated impressive sustainability and accessibility elements into the build. This new space will offer boundless possibilities and expand the perspective on what inclusion can look like. Excitement continues to build as we look forward to its grand opening in 2022.

This year, our community gave back to us generously. Our supporters and donors showed their passion for our vision, and we made incredible progress alongside our valued partners as we collaborated to find creative solutions. Our staff and volunteers pumped innovation, creativity, opportunity, and life into Power To Be. And of course, at the heart and soul of this organization are our participants, who continue to show us that when we remove barriers, anything is possible.

Thank you for everything you have contributed to Power To Be. This community is comprised of so many thoughtful and extraordinary individuals. We wouldn’t be where we are today without the support of every one of you. Whether you join our programs, volunteer your time, extend your resources, show your support financially, or lend your voice, we are grateful for you. Let’s keep paddling together, and exploring into the future, where endless adventures await.

Tim Cormode, CEO

Owen Matthews, Board Chair