Thank you for supporting Power To Be. As we celebrate our 20th anniversary in 2018, we’re proud of our impact. Our life-changing programs are the connecting force between courage, nature, community, inclusion and generosity.

Power To Be began with a simple idea: help youth and families living with a barrier or disability access nature. Led by an inspiring team whose diverse backgrounds make our award-winning programs possible, we have enriched the lives of more than 10,000 people. This work is possible in large part thanks to our dedicated staff team, board members, supporters and volunteers.

While the complexity and reach of our work has grown, the fundamental premise remains the same. We believe we can address some of the critical issues our participants face, such as limited access to activities that support health and well-being, promote self-confidence and foster inclusion.

In 2017, our programs connected 1,498 participants to a sense of what’s possible. We increased our family programming by eight per cent, while maintaining a range of opportunities for individuals. Demand for our programs exceeds our current service capacity.

We continue to collaborate with like-minded organizations, while being operationally efficient and financially accountable to our stakeholders.

In 2017, we raised $3 million and received more than $800,000 of in-kind support. With this philanthropic generosity, we continue to offer subsidized programming, ensuring finances are never a barrier to inclusion.

Our adventures take us all over Vancouver Island and the Lower Mainland, however, 2017 marked a deepening connection to our program home. We announced a 25-year lease at $1 per year for a 78-acre lakefront property that will be reimagined into our permanent home; a world class facility for people of all ages that speaks to inclusion, adventure, nature and possibility. As a result, we will be able to scale up our impact significantly while continuing to focus on environmental stewardship.

It’s an exciting time for growth and there is much work to be done to support our programs and ensure our new home serves our vision. Together, let’s be a greater catalyst for good so that more people can discover their limitless abilities through our nature-based programs. Thank you for your support. We truly need and appreciate it.

With gratitude,

Michael A Shannon
Board Chair

Tim Cormode
Founder and Executive Director