This past year has been filled with learning, innovating, adapting, and growing; the same series of events that our participants experience when they join our programs. In 2019, we delivered 470 programs in nature to over 1,400 participants, offering inspirational opportunities to paddle, surf, camp, hike, climb, and explore. 

We continue to adapt to the needs and aspirations of our participants; delivering new opportunities to explore nature in fun and thoughtful ways. 

Alongside our awesome staff team is Power To Be’s growing volunteer base. With a 12% increase in volunteer hours in 2019, our volunteer program thrived, allowing us to truly utilize the skills and talents of this passionate group and offer skill-building workshop opportunities to allow for even more growth. 

The inspiring work we do would not be made possible without the thoughtful generosity of our philanthropic community. It is with great gratitude, that we recognize our fundraising efforts of nearly four million dollars in 2019, showing an increase of 12.2% in revenue from the year before.

In delivering and facilitating these life-changing adventures, we have been so fortunate to have our Prospect Lake site to laugh, learn, and play. In the past year, we worked to enhance this home for our participants, including reconstructing our boardwalk, building an accessible yurt, and expanding our network of trails to over 5km throughout the site. We continue to put immense energy into the build of a world-class facility on these grounds to strengthen our commitment to inclusion in the outdoors. This is a big project with ambitious goals. In 2019, we focused on aligning the project’s budget with the design needs of the build and our programs, while ensuring that it encompasses and emulates our need to be fiscally responsible and support our natural environment. We look forward to seeing this project truly come to life as we break ground in 2020.

We are so proud of how this organization has continued to adapt and thrive when faced with new challenges. Power To Be started with a simple idea, to get everyone out into nature. Since 1998, every step we have taken has been to support this idea; bringing families, friends, and communities together in memorable, shared experiences.

The endless stories of everyone involved in our mission are what fuel our organization. As one participant expressed this year, “I learned patience, collaboration, and openness to others, especially around the campfire.” We look forward to many more adventures, campfires, and stories at Power To Be for years to come.

Thank you for your support. We truly need and appreciate it.

With Immense Gratitude,

Tim Cormode, CEO

Owen Matthews, Board Chair