Expanding inclusion beyond our programs

By looking at the interests of our Power To Be community we started to see how we can take the notion that Everyone Belongs in Nature and expand it beyond our programs.

Power To Be thrives in working with partners and BC Parks has invited us into several conversations where we look at a park as an experience, a gathering place, a learning opportunity, and a space to create connection and belonging. Each park is as unique as each person exploring it, so by working together we can re-write the narrative on how natural spaces, like parks, can be a place for people of all abilities, backgrounds and cultures.

We have worked with BC Parks Community Liaison Officers, Park Rangers and Operating staff and explored what belonging in nature really means and how they can be the stewards of change in the community for people living with barriers and disabilities. Recently, we visited Goldstream Park with our participants to experience how they’ve modified their facilities to accommodate a wider range of abilities.

Through partnering with BC Parks, we have been able to move the thinking around inclusion forward. People may start, or continue, their interaction in nature with us, but then inevitably they connect on their own with the beautiful parks that BC has to offer.

Check out the video from BC parks on Accessibility: