Teamwork and merriment with Adaptive Recreation!

I was feeling excited but also nervous because I’m not used to overnights… and I’m afraid of the dark. It was a fun ride heading there. I love our van rides when we go to places that are far. It was also fun because our other van was 3 cars ahead of us, and the other car with us was behind. The other car had a walkie-talkie so we would radio each other – that was really fun.

2014 camp barnard 4 800x450

Once we got to the camp grounds, we put our things in our cabins, and then we went over some rules. We made a contract where all of us signed.

2014 camp barnard 7 800x216

We then had lunch, and then after lunch we went to the field to play some games. I was so happy that it was so nice and sunny, one of my favourite things to do outdoors is lying in the sun and watching my friends play games. I did join in a couple games after I saw how the games are played, it was a lot of fun.

We then went for a water break, and played some more games, we did a couple blindfold games which were my favourite, we also did blindfold geocaching, and of course there had to be prickly thorns that hurt!

2014 camp barnard 5 800x450

After the games we had some relaxation time, some people helped with making dinner as we all had different chores to help out with. We had curry with rice and veggies. We all went and sat outside to eat as it had been a super sunny day and was nice to be able to eat dinner outside.

2014 camp barnard 9 800x450

After dinner the people who didn’t help with cooking, helped with washing dishes. At first I thought it was going to be boring like when doing dishes at home, but it was actually fun. We worked as a Team and even got wet from the spray thing, that was fun. We all took turns doing different dish-washing tasks, I liked that.

2014 camp barnard 8 600x800

Later that night we started working on our campfire, and roasted marshmallows. But, these aren’t your regular camping mashmellows! We had a special trick, and filled them up with smushed strawberries and strawberry juice. It was actually really good, and I’m usually not a marshmallow fan, but this I enjoyed.

2014 camp barnard 2

Then we all got ready for bed, and slept so we could be ready for the next day for some more fun. I couldn’t wait any longer, so woke up one of the staff at 5 :45 am and asked if we could play ! but the answer was… that I need to sleep till 8 :00 am! I got bored waiting, so went back to sleep.

Day 2

We woke up early to do our polar bear swim. We had some people do the polar bear swim, but I didn’t. Then we started to pack our things so they were ready for when we had to go. After that, we all went down to the lake, and some of us did some swimming. It was fun but scary jumping in the lake. After swimming we relaxed and made our lunches, yum: we had wraps. We also had a surprise visit from a dog who lives there. She liked hanging out with us.

2014 camp barnard 10 800x450

After swimming we then hung out for a bit. After lunch, we started to put things in our van. I was sad that it was already over; it seemed like it went by so fast. I’m really glad and thankful that Power To Be gave me the chance to be able to do an overnight trip, as one of my goals is to work on overnights. I was scared to go on my own, but I knew that I would have the best support because I had Power To Be with me, and they were all really helpful in making me feel safe during the overnight. I couldn’t ask for a better team to help me with a goal that means a lot to me. They are the best!!

Thank you so much for taking the time to write yet another splendid account of your adventures with Power To Be!