Life is a journey and with the assistance of three generous donors, Power To Be is able to ensure more people have the opportunity to journey deeper into nature. With donations from BC Rehab, the McAdams Foundation and the Mr. & Mrs. P.A. Woodward’s Foundation, Power To Be has been able to purchase three pieces of equipment that will enable more people living with barriers to join adventures on the paths less traveled.

With the assistance of BC Rehab, a second TrailRider was added to the gear inventory at Prospect Lake. This specially-designed chair allows access to rugged terrain. With the help of volunteers who push, pull and steady it, a TrailRider can carry people up mountains, over narrow trails and onto beaches.

“This second TrailRider is so important,” says Carolyn Macdonald, Power To Be Manager of Community Programs. “It doubles our program capacity for those who may need it, and the great thing about TrailRiders is that not only people with mobility barriers can benefit from it. People who fatigue quickly can take breaks while the group continues together. It is also an incredible teaching tool.”

“BC Rehab was happy to purchase the much-needed TrailRider for Power To Be‘s Prospect Lake base camp. At BC Rehab we are committed to closing the gaps between people with and without disabilities,” says Trynka Gogal, Client Services and Administrative Coordinator

Through the generosity of the McAdams Foundation who are committed to putting smiles on the faces of children and young people living with disadvantages, Power To Be was able to purchase a Hippocampe chair that tackles sand and, with a ski attachment, snow, with ease.

“Sand is terrible for wheelchairs and TrailRiders but the Hippocampe is designed for it. It is easy to push, with balloon tires, and quite easy to maintain,” Carolyn says. “On a surf program, we can transfer from car right to board with the Hippocampe chair. And the Vancouver team is excited to provide access to ski and snowshoe programs with the Hippocampe chair.”

The Mountain Trike all-terrain wheelchair purchased with a grant from the Mr. & Mrs. P.A. Woodward’s Foundation offers a completely different experience than the TrailRider or Hippocampe chair because it is hand-propelled by the occupant. Through levers and gears, this tough chair can tackle forest trails in all kinds of weather.

“The Mountain Trike is adjustable and allows each participant to move under their own human power with access to all kinds of terrain,” Carolyn says. “The design is based on mountain bike technology which means maintenance is more straightforward, especially since we have good connections with local bike shops.”

Power To Be believes that everyone belongs in nature and with these three pieces of equipment, more people will be able to enjoy the journey and the feelings of inclusion that make a program so special.

“This equipment really does make a difference in our programs,” Carolyn says. “We are grateful for these grants and their support in helping us purchase adapted equipment.”