Whales, waves, wilderness, and fish, lots of fish.

Rocky shorelines, raw wilderness, and pristine pacific waters brimming with fish. Those who have the opportunity to stay at the Langara Fishing Adventures lodge in Haida Gwaii are guaranteed an amazing trip. But to stay there with 32 people from around the world, all with a shared love of fishing, and shared values of inclusion, is truly the experience of a lifetime.

This was the 2nd year of Power To Fish, a 4-day fishing expedition in support of Power To Be. Held on Langara island the event kicked off with excitement which was paired with exceeded expectations from start to finish. This year’s event doubled in size and hosted a group of 32 people in the multi-day adventure, with guests travelling from places such as Toronto, Washington, and even Puerto Rico just to attend. Guests were flown into the remote lodge by Helijet, which provided those from out of town with an unforgettable opportunity to witness the beauty of the wild, west coast landscapes from the air. The service, staff, and food provided by the Langara Fishing Lodge and COCO Café was nothing short of outstanding, which made the trip all the more incredible.

While out on the water, the natural setting and unique atmosphere allowed the group dynamics to be very fun and inviting. Although the scattered storms that hit throughout the trip’s duration provided some challenges, the light-spirit of the event allowed it to also be humorous. The diverse group of business owners and leaders took pleasure in the company of each other and the vast, open ocean as the adventure led to lots of team building, networking, and fostering stronger relationships between individuals and as a group.

All guests caught fish and three tyees were caught and released throughout the trip with the largest weighing 38.5 lbs! On top of the abundance of fish, the Power To Fish event also reeled in $40,000 in donations, which supports Power To Be in delivering our inclusive programs to over 1000 participants a year.

This year’s event had the honour of hosting Josh Dueck, Canadian alpine skier, and silver medal winner at the 2010 Winter Paralympics. When asked about his experience, his words painted a beautiful and vivid picture of the adventure. “A place of awe and wonder. That might be the best way to explain the experience of being part of the Power To Fish trip.  The community of people who choose to support Power To Be are incredible leaders and stewards of our country.  It was a pleasure to get to know and spend time with these humble leaders, in a truly magical part of the world. We all had the great fortune to fill the boats with blood and catch our limits (or nearly) on the daily, the only interruption we had from fighting the fish was to watch nature in her finest with pods of orcas and humpbacks show us how to fish on a large scale.  Nature certainly showed her grace, beauty, and ferocity for everyone through the trip.”

Even a month after the trip, when talking about the Power To Fish event, donor Matthew Christopherson was still beaming with excitement over the experience. When asked about his favourite moment of the trip, he spoke of the incredible feeling of being able to have a world-class experience while knowing that the event’s proceeds support Power To Be in our mission of allowing everyone to experience nature, regardless of boundaries.

We at Power To Be are so grateful for the generosity of all of those involved in this year’s event. Plans for next year’s Power To Fish are already underway, and we couldn’t be more excited! In the meantime, happy fishing!