New directors announced, Silken Laumann shared her story

On Monday, May 12, 2014, at the Atrium Building, Power To Be Adventure Therapy Society hosted the annual celebration of community impact. The AGM also announced the departure of Directors Claudia Blum and Mike Tuckey, Barbara Armstrong adn John Chase. New Directors inducted included Brad Williams, Dr. Brian Sinclair, Deborah Irvine, Jeff Dallin, Michael Shannon and Pat Elemans.

“The commitment from our outgoing Directors has been nothing short of inspiring. Through their unwavering support, leadership and guidance, Power To Be is positioned to grow sustainably for years to come, and make a continued difference for those we serve. We are also excited to welcome our newest Directors as Power To Be embarks on an exciting road ahead,” said Tim Cormode, Executive Director of Power To Be.

Following inspiring words from the Chair of the Board, Kristina Campbell, and members of the executive leadership team, Olympic rower and medallist Silken Laumann closed the evening with encouraging remarks and her inspiring story of perseverance.

“I believe we are all equally after the same thing. We want meaning, value and purpose. I think that is true for every single one of us, and that is especially true for the adults and children in The Power To Be. It’s about helping people reach their potential. Everybody deserves to have the opportunity to live a full and rewarding life,” said Laumann.