At Power To Be, we create access to nature to provide new adventures, new experiences, and new opportunities for those in our community. This March, we are beginning Phase One of our new build project to continue to expand that access.

Our journey to support people of all abilities to access nature began over two decades ago. We’ve grown a lot in that time, and this new venture will be an important milestone in this journey. As we break ground, we are setting the foundations of not only our new home, but of our programs and our vision for years to come.

To get to this point, we have been guided by the expertise of Christine Lintott Architects Inc., and the experience of Campbell Construction Ltd. in order to create a space that encapsulates our site plan’s guiding principles of inclusion, environmental stewardship and sustainability, health and wellness, and fiscal and operational responsibility.

We’ve completed our preparation work, ensuring that our new spaces will respect gender inclusivity, stimuli sensitivities, and mobility differences. These careful considerations will allow our participants to connect with nature and feel a sense of belonging, regardless of abilities, mobility, gender identity, age, race, or socio-economic background.

Not only does our Prospect Lake site allow our team to gather together and prepare for our many adventures, it’s also an activity hub and a valuable gathering place for introspection and connection. When our programs are done, it provides a place to refresh, regroup, and relive the moments we’ve spent together.

As we begin Phase One—which will be completed in 2022—we recognize that none of this would be possible without our many generous donors and supporters, who have invested in our mission to remove barriers, and our vision for a place where people can gather and access nature regardless of physical, cognitive, financial, or social barriers.

Thank you to everyone who supports our belief that Everyone Belongs in Nature.

If you have any questions about construction at the Prospect Lake property, contact Jason Cole, Chief Strategic Officer, at or by phone at 250-385-2363.

 For additional information about our site plan and building designs visit