Robinson's Outdoor Store donation supports program safety for Power To Be Vancouver

Whether you find us wandering down a hiking trail in the wild learning about the environment, or kayaking on the ocean spotting seals, Power To Be ensures participants are properly equipped for experiencing all that nature has to offer.

Not having access to proper gear is a barrier many face in keeping them from the outdoors, and a generous donation from Robinson’s Outdoor Store is helping Power To Be participants experience safe, inclusive adventures.

“Having access to proper gear is essential to properly enjoying and experiencing the outdoors safely,” says Simon Parr, Power To Be Regional Manager in Vancouver. “Program safety is our number one concern.”

Contributing to positive experiences on program, Robinson’s Outdoor Store made a donation to the Power To Be Vancouver location. This donation will support and enhance the overall experiences had with Power To Be programs for participants. This generous donation of hiking gear, including hiking boots, base layers for camping and waterproof gaiters, means there are more possibilities of where program participants may explore.

“The hiking boots and gear donated will be taking participants to places they wouldn’t have access to otherwise,” Parr says. “We’re going to be camping overnight at Alouette Lake, hiking through Garibaldi Provincial Park, and exploring local North Shore hikes like Lynn Valley, Capilano Watershed, Grouse Mountain and Mount. Seymour.”

Based in Victoria, Robinson’s Outdoor Store is a proud supporter of Power To Be for more than 10 years. This latest donation will allow Power To Be participants to focus on making happy and positive connections to nature for years to come.

“When properly prepared, the outdoors is more enjoyable for everyone,” says Erin Boggs of Robinson’s Outdoor Store. “As an outdoor store, seeing the impact of supporting the programs and experiences had with Power To Be is incredible.”

With programs in full effect, Parr says no two days are the same, and with the nimbleness of the program team, along with the donation from Robinson’s Outdoor Store they are able to support the diverse needs of Power To Be participants.

From all of us at Power To Be, thank you Robinson’s Outdoor Store for your amazing support of inclusive adventures rooted in nature.