A glimpse into the beginnings of one of Power To Be’s amazing supporters

In 1984, a few CIBC staff in Toronto proposed donating 100 per cent of their fees and commissions for a single day to a children’s charity. “Corporate giving” wasn’t even in the dictionary, much less a thing.

On that auspicious day, thanks to the initiative of a handful of well-meaning individuals, CIBC Miracle Day was born. Now in its 32nd year, all CIBC Capital Markets team and CIBC Wood Gundy investment advisors donate 100 per cent of their fees and commissions on the third Wednesday in December.

This year, with Power To Be’s Executive Director Tim Cormode’s assistance, The Tenors’ Clifton Murray (from Vancouver Island) pitched in at the live trading desk, even singing a song or two for a trade! CIBC Miracle Day raised $7 million to pitch into more than 560 children’s charities nationwide, including Power To Be. This is up from an incredible $5.6 million in 2015.

It is tremendous what can be achieved when a group of people comes together in conscious positive action. In a true definition of miracle, as  “an amazing product or achievement, or an outstanding example of something,” we thank and commend CIBC for yet another year of raising the bar with CIBC Miracle Day and donating $25,000 to Power To Be for 2016.