Radical Renovations kick off this weekend

The foundation of community is taking shape at Power To Be’s Prospect Lake, as volunteers come together throughout July to complete Radical Renovations with HeroWork.

“Prospect Lake will give participants a chance to create relationships with not only themselves and others, but to create memories to be cherished for the rest of their lives” says Jason Cole, Power To Be Director of Programs. “It takes a community to build a community and that is where HeroWork comes in.”

HeroWork, a Victoria-based non-profit organization, is dedicated to helping other non-profit organizations improve their built infrastructure to support service delivery. For Power To Be, the Radical Renovations will add inclusive campsites, pathways and gear storage to support adventures such as kayaking, canoeing, camping and more at Power To Be’s program hub. The work is taking place July 8-9 and July 15-16

Paul Latour, HeroWork Executive Director says he is excited for the weeks ahead, as resources are shipped in and the groundwork is being done in preparation for the work involved in the site’s transformation. Volunteers from throughout the community are coming together and joining HeroWork to complete the projects.

The Prospect Lake site will give Power To Be participants the opportunity to experience nature in a safe and accessible place for years to come. Thanks to a partnership with the Steele family, the 78-acre former golf course property offers the chance to host programs on site and serves as a staging area for adventures further afield throughout the year.

HeroWork is still recruiting volunteers. Find out how you can help.

The Radical Renovations will be unveiled on July 19, and the memories and experiences to come will be shared for a life-time.