Helijet CEO Danny Sitnam feels a responsibility to helping others.

At a certain point in the company’s burgeoning success, he found himself wondering about how he could help, because not only was he in the position to be able to help, but he also felt a profound sense of responsibility.

“My brother is one of my biggest mentors…he heads up World Vision in Africa,” he shares.

Sitnam visited him recently to dig a little deeper and connect with what his brother has been dedicated to for more than 40 years. “There’s a lot of people who need some help, and we’re just some of the lucky ones, that’s all we are,” Sitnam reflects with frank simplicity.

For Power To Be, Helijet bridges the gap between our Victoria and Vancouver offices. Thanks to them, we are able to remain connected and focused as a team and dodge the sense of detachment that can occur with satellite offices. This is vital for Power To Be, as a sense of belonging and community are the cornerstones of our mission, programs and work culture.

“I don’t think we ever thought we would be where we are today…not in a million years,” muses Sitnam. “It was me and my two partners just sitting for a beer, saying ‘hey, why don’t we start a helicopter service between Vancouver and Victoria?’”

And from these casual and humble beginnings, Helijet was born. Thirty years later, the broad Helijet umbrella encompasses airport and heliport management, consulting, Haida Gwaii Tourism and an air medical transport business. No less comprehensive in scope is Helijet’s commitment to many non-profits. In addition to Power To Be, their sponsorships includes Bard on the Beach, The Canadian Breast Cancer Foundation, Canucks Autism Network, Prostate Cancer Canada, Rugby Canada, The Belfry Theatre and the list goes on.

“We are sponsoring a lot here….and we want to continue to do that,” Sitnam concludes. “I am big on that; trying to find a way to help people who really need some help.”

From all of us at Power To Be, thank you to the Helijet team for supporting our work in Victoria and Vancouver!