Freshwater Fisheries Society of BC ensures participants have lake access

Whether it is being used to launch a kayak or canoe, or simply dropping a fishing line into Prospect Lake, the dock is a vibrant activity point. Easy access to the water is a new experience for many participants, one that Power To Be is proud to offer.

“We didn’t have accessible waterfront access for mobility issues in general” says Jason Cole, Power To Be Director of Programs. “This dock allows us to facilitate first-time experiences with water activities for many of our participants. Providing them with the safety and security needed to become more comfortable with exploring their abilities on the water.”

Providing funding for the dock, Freshwater Fisheries Society of BC’s mandate is to enhance and conserve B.C.’s freshwater fisheries for the public’s benefit. Supporting dock access for participants is a way for the society to ensure individuals living with barriers will have access to safe and secure experiences on the water when visiting Prospect Lake, says Adrian Clarke, Vice President of Science with Freshwater Fisheries.

Building on the partnership between the two nonprofits, Power To Be staff participated in the Freshwater Fisheries Learn to Fish program, focusing on proper fish handling, safety, ethics, and conservation of the environment. Ensuring the lake is stocked, two program facilitators also had the opportunity to help release 1,800 “catchable size” Rainbow Trout into Prospect Lake.

Thanks to the nonprofit Freshwater Fisheries Society of BC, the addition of this accessible dock is continuously transforming experiences had with water activities for Power To Be participants, volunteers and staff members.

Get out there: Public lake access

Whitehead Park

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Estelline Park

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South Prospect Lake Park

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