Dear Valued Community of Power To Be,

Power To Be takes the COVID-19 pandemic seriously and understands that we all need to work together continue to limit transmission, protect those living with vulnerabilities, and prevent community transmission. In response to the COVID-19 pandemic, we paused our in-person programs and checked in with our participants to see what needs people were facing. Faced with increased isolation, physical distance, loss of work, and loss of support networks, we learned that individuals, entire families and households needed help navigating the challenging landscape and providing for their loved ones. We shifted our typical model of programs to virtual programs, delivered food boxes, supported garden box activities all the while our amazing staff connected with our participants and community stakeholders on a regular basis.

As the season begins to shift, we are beginning to foresee what recovery and redesign looks like for our future. Thanks to our collective efforts, the flattening of the curve, slowly, and very carefully we can get back to offering programs in a reduced capacity. As we know there is a tremendous amount of physical and psychological health benefits to participating in outdoor activities and connecting to natural spaces and places. We also know that connecting to our community and participants after time in isolation is both exciting and daunting. Due to such, we have done lots of research for best practices and have made modifications to our programs to meet provincial health and safety guidelines, as well as the guidance and collaboration with credible industry leaders within the different sectors we work alongside.

We cannot eliminate risk, but we can minimize it to a reasonable and responsible level that ensures personal and community health and safety.

What to Expect:

  • Our virtual programs will continue.
  • Our intent is to run a small number of in-person programs in June with the aim of running programs in the summer and will re-evaluate continuously to see what our future holds.
  • Our in-person programming will commence with people who live in households together to assist with transportation, support needs and a manageable group size.
  • We will be doing a screening of health and wellness before and after each program for all that participate.
  • We will be running short day programs in nature.
  • Safety protocols will be in place while on program as per provincial health and safety guidelines.


We look forward to connecting as we redesign our program offerings. Whether by virtual means or in person, our community thrives because of all of you and we are so thankful to be looking into a future that connects us back to the core of who we are.

With Sincere Gratitude,



Carinna Kenigsberg
Director of Programs & Impact