In celebration of National Volunteer Appreciation Week we want to express a big THANK YOU to all of the incredible community members who have supported us through acts of volunteerism over Power To Be’s 25 years.

The 2023 theme for National Volunteer Week is “Volunteering Weaves us Together.” As we pause to reflect on the impact of volunteers at Power To Be, we couldn’t agree more! Volunteerism in this organization continually strengthens us and tightens our community’s sense of belonging.  Coming together in a shared mission has built connections, opened doors to discover new passions, diversified perspectives, and has created ripples of impact throughout the greater community as we see an increase to inclusive access in nature beyond Power To Be. This is a beautiful and powerful group of people, and we are so grateful for every individual who steps forward to support Power To Be through volunteerism.

This year we asked our staff to reflect on how volunteers have impacted their work – And they had a lot to share!

  • “Our volunteers turn monumental projects that would take our team weeks to complete, into an afternoon of light work with pleasant conversations. They truly are a dream to have on the team and we could not give our participants half of the cool spaces on site without their hard work.” – Tamara, Facilities & Assets Lead
  • “Volunteers bring the feeling like you are coming home, when you see their faces and the time and energy they share, you feel like a closer-knit community.” – Carinna, Director of Programs & Impact
  • “Volunteers light up our work and spaces. The energy, enthusiasm, and levity that they bring to every task is contagious and always makes my day more enjoyable!” – Ashleigh, Volunteer & Impact Lead
  • “Volunteers inject new ideas, perspectives and creativity into all they are part of! They bring such a wealth of knowledge from their own experience and add so much to programs and projects with their perspective and skills. We have volunteers with an incredible amount of expertise, whether that’s tidal pools, kayaking, community building, policy, or construction. Having subject matter experts volunteer their time creates such depth in the organization and what we offer to the community.” – Jen, Head of Programs (Vancouver)
  • “Our volunteers are the reason we can run as many programs as we do! They are an invaluable resource to our staff and our community. Knowing that I have a volunteer’s support on program helps me feel at ease as a facilitator, because I know that I have solid back up support from other adults on the program. Our volunteers and their interactions with participants give me space as a leader to think about risk management, programming, and group management without having to worry as much about how individuals are feeling–I know that our volunteers are checking in with folks and will alert me when needed. We could not do what we do without our volunteers.” – Em, Program Lead (Victoria)
  • “Volunteers make Power To Be possible. From programs to events, admin to governance, and much more, they strengthen and increase our reach and capacity as an organization. We so appreciate the expertise, time and genuine desire to do good that volunteers offer us daily. Thank you for being you and for making Power To Be a part of your life. We couldn’t and wouldn’t want to do this work without you.” – Asha, Advancement Coordinator
  • “Volunteers are “impact generators” at Power To Be and truly understand the “why” of what we do to the core. Volunteers bring their heart, skills and presence to all departments at Power To Be and deepen our impact as a whole. We are so grateful for the wonderful community of volunteers that have played a role at Power To Be past, present and in the future for years to come. You are integral to the story of Power To Be and have always been key in propelling our mission forward! Thank you!” – Kendal, People & Culture Lead

With sincere and immense gratitude –
THANK YOU from all of us at Power To Be.