Long Beach Lodge boasts a spectacular view, incredible amenities, and warm hospitality. Located steps away from Cox Bay beach, just outside Tofino, BC, Long Beach Lodge has become a valued and generous partner of Power To Be.

The moment you arrive at the resort, you are transported to nature’s bliss of cool ocean breeze, and the aroma of salty sea water. The beach of soft, white sands stretches out towards the horizon with green rainforest surrounding the perimeter of the property. You can watch the excited surfers catch a wave, or even join in! The sunsets are like no other, and with plenty of outdoor propane fireplaces and comfortable seating, there’s no better way to take it all in.

The peace, tranquility, and feeling of welcome that the resort evokes makes it the perfect space for connection with others, and Long Beach Lodge has been so gracious over the past 5 years to host Power To Be as a way to celebrate and support our staff, programs, participants, donors. Over the years, the resort has been a place to clear our heads before a collaborative brainstorm, to host one of our surfing programs, and to celebrate the beauty of nature.

We are immensely grateful for their hospitality, ongoing support, and invitation to escape to a West Coast paradise. Thank you for believing in our vision that everyone belongs in nature and providing space to make it a reality.