A program that builds connections to places, community, and practices. Utilizing horticulture and permaculture principles, land-based learning, Indigenous ways of learning, to build landscaping and restoration literacy, and support community connections.

Tell me more about this program!

This 12-week Employment program in partnership with CanAssist builds connections to places, community, and employment practices. This program will build landscaping and restoration skills as well as employment skills to support employment opportunities in the Landscaping sector. This program will also support the development of social skills and community connections for people with diverse needs and learning styles..

Who can participate in the program?

Ages 18-25. Self identifying as having a disability. Neurodiversity welcomed. Must enjoy the outdoors, physical labour, and working for 6 hrs a day. Must have interest in Landscaping, gardening, restoration work, manual labour (like digging, weeding, specie removal), and have interest in seeking employment doing this type of work. Must enjoy working with a group of people for 12 weeks with similar goals and interests, but may have different learning styles. Must be interested in acquiring employment training such as; resume writing, work place readiness, interview preparation, and first aid. Must be able to commit to the 12 weeks.

Where will the program take place?

At Power To Be’s beautiful home on Prospect Lake in Victoria. There may be off site sessions throughout the 12 weeks. Must have the ability to transport to and from the site. (potential transportation support may be available occasionally from Commonwealth Recreation Centre)

Program perks!
  • Participants are paid to attend! Funding is granted to the attendees along with bonuses as the course progresses.
  • Full funding will be provided to support the purchase of landscaping clothing, boots, and equipment.
  • Funding will be provided to support adapted equipment and devices to enhance learning.
  • Courses will be offered from CanAssist on employment skills and ongoing coaching from CanAssist can take place post-program
  • Trainings; First Aid.
  • Workshops will be offered from local Landscape, Horticulture, and Environmental Organizations
  • Access to Power To Be’s nature activities like canoeing and hiking
How do I sign up?

Please email jobjourney@uvic.ca to book an interview and learn more about the program. Registration opens Feb 15th, 2024!

Overarching themes:


  • Landscaping
  • Horticulture and Restoration
  • Permaculture Principles
  • Stewardship of the Land
  • Employment Training
  • Community Connections

Throughout the program, we will ensure that there are visual aids, clear instructions, and predictable routines are provided to support the participant’s learning. The program will consider individual accommodations and provide opportunities for breaks and self-regulation. The program will be tailored to suit the participant’s specific interests and strengths while maintaining the core principles of the Landscaping and Restoration employment skill development.

Permaculture and Horticulture Principles

Focus Areas:

  • Use the principles for the 12 weeks of curriculum
  • Integrate community partners to co-facilitate.
Stewardship of the Land

Focus Areas:

  • Learn how to maintain regions and ecosystems at Power To Be
  • Support the operations of the site and gain practical experience
  • Develop place based connections
Employment Training

Focus Areas:

  • Develop employment skills
  • Develop landscaping skills that are in demand in the sector
  • Develop mastery and/or a certification. (first aid, certificate)
Community Connections

Focus Areas:

  • Develop social skills, interpersonal skills, belonging and group cohesion
  • Connect to Power To Be programs and services, and the land.
  • Partner with local organizations

Session Structure

(Will change based on the day and the goals)

  • Opening circle every morning and at the end of the program
  • Lesson facilitated by Power To Be and/or local organization teaching about a theme linked to a Permaculture principle.
  • Tangible Landscaping Lessons and Project on site
  • Group connection opportunity (recreation activity, mindfulness, team building)
  • 6 sessions that are 2hr long related to employment skills and training facilitated by CanAssist
  • Core routines like – welcome circle, tea/coffee, weather checks, white board of the plan


Source of the image permacultureprinciples.com – Creative Commons license CC BY-NC-ND 2.5 AU