TrailRider helps more participants access Vancouver programs

There are abundant local trails for us to access heights and sights above it all on the top of our local mountains. Many of these trails are accessible for those who have full mobility, but contain serious barriers for those who don’t. This year the team in Vancouver welcomed the TrailRider with open arms to our list of gear and to our program schedule to get even more of our amazing participants out in nature!

Power To Be’s TrailRider is a specialized fifth generation single-tire wheelchair designed to allow individuals living with physical disabilities to access and enjoy the outdoors. Assisted by two to six operators, the TrailRider provides inclusive hiking opportunities for participants to explore terrain, trails and other land-based activities.

It is a great way for individuals to visit areas and gain experiences they never thought possible, to immerse themselves in the natural world and enjoy the great outdoors we have on our doorstep. They get to challenge themselves, put trust into others in a safe and supported way, and socially interact with others through the huge amounts of teamwork involved.

20150812-deep cove hike-2

Run through the aid of staff and volunteers, it’s also a great opportunity to strengthen our teamwork and get a good workout! Where possible we combine using the TrailRider with the fun activity of geocaching, a worldwide treasure hunt. As we head through trails we take our GPS and carefully keep a watchful eye to see if we can locate the hidden treasures using sets of coordinates. The helpful hints give us a greater opportunity to find the geocache. The combination of both activities enables well-needed breaks for the TrailRider team and adds a fun dynamic for the remainder of the group.

In Vancouver, we are using the TrailRider to allow more people to access activities such as geocaching, hiking and disc golf to discover their limitless abilities through the power of nature in some of our favourite beautiful local spots.

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If you are curious to learn more about this or other programs, or would like more information on how to get involved with Power To Be please reach out to our Vancouver team. But keep an eye out – you may see us out and about on our local trails!

– Story shared by Jen Boot, Vancouver Program Support Specialist