At Power To Be, we want to help our participants build skills and create positive outdoor experiences by removing barriers to nature. We are proud to offer a wide variety of programs to accommodate as many of our community’s needs as possible. We have worked hard to create our three program streams: Wilderness Wellness, Catalyst for Good, and Inclusive Adventures.

The Inclusive Adventures stream is designed for folks who are keen to learn and grow through outdoor adventures. Activities may include hiking, paddle sports, rock climbing, camping and more. Eligibility for the programs is based on individual assessments of Need, Fit and Desire. Staff work with individual participants and families to determine the activities that will support them in achieving their goals.

While Power To Be is still for all ages and abilities, we are moving towards age group categories to better support participant requests for more time with their peer groups. Our Ferns (7-11) Salal (12-15) and Oak (16+) programs make space for bridging the social and physical gaps that sometimes occur within wide age ranges. All-ages programs are offered through Access Days and our Have-A-Go drop-in programs. Program lengths range from 2.5-hour access programs to multi-day progressive programs.

Some of our favourite programs in the last few months have included fire and shelter building. We have brought together groups to learn about communication methods like morse code, learned navigation through geocaching, and had a blast with water sports! We are looking forward to watching our participants continue to grow in confidence. Seeing the impact our work has on community makes us want to continue to craft new and exciting programs.

If you are thinking of participating or have any questions, please contact us at Our goal is to get you outside and fully experience the outdoors!