Staff share their top activities and spaces for outdoor family time

Secret beaches and Island getaways

“We spend every Family Day outside for a long explore, then inside for a lovely meal. This is a strong tradition with my son and his father and myself. We reference Secret Beaches of Southern Vancouver Island some times, but may just head up to Port Renfrew this year. As co-parents, Family Day is a rich and entertaining opportunity for Felix, 5 ¾, to spend time with both Mom and Dad – and it is really wonderful to commune as a family in the beautiful outdoors.” Gillie Easdon, Grant Writer     


Land and sea

“We love to paddle our canoe. It is a way we can travel and explore together, and most importantly carry lots of snacks. We are so lucky to have the amount of green space we do. Did you know there are more than 170 parks in Saanich alone? I love the Gulf Islands and taking a ferry always makes me feel like I am truly getting away. Try a day trip to any of the islands you have not been to as the island communities and natural landscape and beaches are sure not to disappoint. Lone Tree Hill Regional Park is a short but challenging hike with big returns once at the top.” Jason Cole, Director of Programs

20160205-family day hiking

Forested trails

“Families come in many forms, and this weekend I will be exploring the trails in Gowlland Tod Provincial Park with a group of friends. Hiking is a great way to get outside and let nature pace your conversations. With forest, ocean and springs in between, Gowlland is a great example of the amazing parks we have access to in B.C.” Amy Dove, Marketing and Communications Coordinator

Puddle jumps and rocky shores

“One of our favourite activities is spending time at one of our many beautiful beaches and lakes. There are so many wonderful sandy, rocky shores to explore that provide hours of outdoor fun. Nothing beats the easy access of Thetis Lake. There are lots of puddles to play in, fishing and opportunities to explore further reaching trails from one of the park’s many access points. During warmer months, it’s a beautiful place to play in the water and geocache. If we are looking for further adventure, we’ll head to East Sooke Regional Park, and start from either Aylard Farm or Pike Point. Both spots have scenic beaches to enjoy a picnic and amazing trails to explore. One time out there, we saw a pod of orcas from the shore.” Megan Millar, Adaptive Recreation Curriculum Coordinator 


Canoe strokes and conversation

“We have a family of siblings with big personalities, and planning an outdoor trip can test the limits of our love. But every time my brother and sister and I shove off in a canoe all the discrepancies seem to peel away within the first few stokes. There must be something about being in it together, committed, focused and paddling that achieves a great sense of calm. Just being on the water has a way of coaxing out the best conversation or just sharing the passing landscape in silent company. I recommend checking out Deep Cove if you’re staying close to Vancouver and Birkenhead Lake Provincial Park just past Pemberton if you’d like to get up in the hills.” Kevin Chapman, Development Associate

From all of us at Power To Be, happy Family Day!