From Contribution to Connection

As a part of this year’s Nature Gala fundraising event, an impressive silent auction was held. The items ranged in variety and value, but many created a buzz throughout the event. One of the most sought after items was a 1-hour skate with Tyson Barrie, Victoria’s own NHL superstar, who was recently traded to the Toronto Maple Leafs. 

 The player is not only a superstar in hockey, but a superstar in the world of Power To Be. Tyson Barrie has had a long-standing relationship with Power To Be that all started eight years ago at a Power To Golf event. It was here that Tyson met one of his fans, Tristan, an avid Power To Be participant and hockey fanatic. Since that initial meeting, Tyson has kept in close contact with Tristan and their relationship has blossomed into a meaningful friendship. He has even flown Tristan to Colorado for an all-expenses-paid trip to experience the backstage lifestyle of a professional hockey player.

 Through his time spent with Tristan, Tyson has experienced first-hand the impact that Power To Be has on our participants. He continues to honor his belief in our mission and values in his dedication to connecting with those in our community. Tyson believes that giving time is one of the easiest ways to give back. This was his reasoning for donating an hour of ice time with him in our recent Nature Gala Silent Auction. 

 Mike Kuchewary, a long-time supporter of Power To Be, was overjoyed to be the lucky winner of the item. He attended the ice time with a group of hockey dads, who brought their enthusiastic, star-struck kids to join in on the once-in-a-lifetime opportunity of sharing the ice with an NHL player. When asked about the highlight of the experience, Mike said “This … along with so many of the other opportunities Power To Be creates was extremely unique and special. Not a lot of other organizations would give the opportunity to play hockey with a pro … with your family!”. The 1-hour was energetic and fun-filled, and Tyson even brought along a fellow NHL player, Matt Irwin of the Nashville Predators to join in. The kids did some drills and had a scrimmage before breaking out into a light-hearted play fight with their hero.

 Through our unique programming and experiences like these, Power To Be has fostered a diverse community which connects those from all walks of life, regardless of age, race, gender, and ability. Power To Be’s donors and partners have a reputation of going above and beyond to ensure their connection with our organization, including our participants. We are so grateful to have people like Tyson, be a part of our community, and engage so wholeheartedly in our mission. Thank you, Tyson, for your selfless involvement in our cause. It is because of the support of people like you that our community continues to grow and our participants continue to thrive.