Power To Be offers a diverse variety of outdoors activities such a camping, kayaking, paddle boarding, rock climbing, and snowshoeing. However, an always popular, but sometimes overlooked activity is hiking.

For some, a simple hike in the woods can be more complicated than just putting on your hiking shoes. However, whether it be physical, social, or cognitive barriers, at Power To Be, we ensure that everyone has access to our activities, regardless of ability.

This was my first time on a program with Power To Be, and I kept hearing how amazing it was to be a part of. On the day of, I was overwhelmed with excitement to get to Prospect Lake. When I arrived, I quickly realized that the feeling was mutual amongst all others involved in the day. During opening circle, we all shared our names and what we hoped to see on the trail. With two participants in TrailRiders, I had the privilege of guiding the front of one throughout the hike.

Everyone was excited and eager to explore as we made our way into the thick of the forest, and the lush vegetation quickly engulfed our entire surroundings. Someone commented that the forest setting felt like we had been transported to Jurassic Park.

The inclusion of TrailRiders on the hike was incredible. It elevated the hiking experience and I felt especially accomplished when I made it to the top of a steep hill because I didn’t just do it by myself or for myself.  The act of driving it required me to always be aware of my surroundings and to be mindful of the person whom I was supporting and guiding. Looking back to see the pure joy of who I was supporting, was a truly special feeling.

The hike was filled with stories, laughing, and teamwork, as we encouraged each other during steep hills and sharp corners. I was amazed by the group dynamics and how quickly everyone effortlessly meshed together. Everyone was there for the same purpose, to share in an adventure together, and to support one another every step of the way, and it showed.

What I loved most about the day was that such a diverse group of ages and abilities could be brought so closely together in a shared experience. It was so incredible to witness those who would otherwise not be able to experience the rugged landscape and hidden secrets of the forest, be right there in the moment alongside friends. Nature is so therapeutic and peaceful, and a hike is more than just exercise, it is a sensory experience, a way to reconnect to your surroundings and yourself, and everyone should have access to that adventure.

This blog post was written by Kira Rowsell, Power To Be’s new Marketing & Communications Coordinator. Kira is passionate about encouraging people to get outside and helping to share the endless stories of nature through photography, videography, and writing.