Thank you Power To Be volunteers

From the dip of a canoe paddle to a conversation in the woods and behind the scenes board, committee and administrative work, our volunteers are one of the driving forces making inclusive adventures possible for our participants. We’re grateful for their support throughout the year and want to offer a special thank you and acknowledgement to our community for National Volunteer Week.

Last year, volunteers in Victoria and Vancouver contributed more than 6,600 hours. This year, we are off to another amazing start with more than 1,000 hours completed in the first quarter. As our programming in Vancouver grows so does our volunteer support where we saw volunteer hours more than double compared to the same timeframe in 2017!

Those hours add up to memorable moments for all involved. In the words of one volunteer, “I am continually inspired by the enthusiasm and excitement shown by participants on program. I am so grateful to be able to help create such meaningful experiences for others.”

As an organization, we are equally honoured to be able to facilitate experiences with real impact. Thank you to everyone who goes above and beyond to support our programs and events, and ultimately help to provide the best experience possible for our participants. Everyone belongs in nature and we are able to get more people out there because of our volunteers!

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“Power To Be allows me to share my love of nature-based activities with those facing various barriers to access the outdoors. The sheer joy and satisfaction experienced when witnessing the reaction of participants get on the water in a kayak, or reach the top of the climbing wall, is infectious.” – Volunteer