Favourite memories and fundraising successes from 2014

The value of our efforts is best understood through the perspectives of our participants.  

“I am super happy and love Power To Be because it helps me have something to look forward to in my life,” says one Adaptive Recreation participant. “It keeps me active, gaining new skills, meeting new friends and doing things I love, instead of being stuck at home.”


For one Wilderness School recent graduate, Power To Be was like a second home. “When I was in high school, all I wanted was to be out of my house for as long as possible. Power To Be provided me a place to stay for the weekend, a challenge in which I could succeed, kind people to be around and really, really good food. I learned a lot of things about how to live life, especially that making mistakes did not mean I was a failure.”


These experiences are possible thanks to the dedicated team of staff and volunteers.


Ko Zolotas, Adaptive Recreation program facilitator, recounts one of his favourite memories. “I think it was watching one of our participants with paraplegia rock climb beside his daughter,” he says.  That same gentleman then went kayaking with his daughter and wife. “It’s about bringing family together, you know?” 



Sylvia Storry, Wilderness School community development coordinator, says her most memorable experience was launching the canoe for the first time on an overnight trip. “It was such an amazing feeling to set off into the sunset with four amazing youth,” she says. “We had such an amazing weekend full of strawberry moons, getting caught in crazy rainstorms and paddling through it as a group.”


Alanna Ray, Vancouver community development coordinator, says the highlight of her year was venturing to Nimmo Bay Resort for Power To Be’s annual family trip. “My favourite moment had to be when Kevin and I had just made our way through an overgrown and slippery hike and were beginning to celebrate arriving back at the boat when Kevin’s leg sunk up to his knee in bog,” she says. “It was definitely my biggest laugh on the trip that included a lot of smiling and laughter.” 


20141121-End of year1


In addition to the remarkable program stories from our staff, participants, and volunteers, Power To Be saw incredible philanthropic giving throughout the year from individuals and organizations. That support was bolstered through our fundraising events where we were able to raise $592,000 in support of Power To Be programs. That is the highest amount raised between Power To Golf and Power To Play in Victoria and Vancouver in the organization’s history. 


With the year coming to an end, we want to extend our most sincere gratitude to the entire Power To Be community. It is our amazing participants, generous donors, collaborative community partnerships and dedicated staff and volunteers that bring our mission to life. 


Happy holidays!