Those who wander up the trail are rewarded. Stunning turquoise waters define this park, which is home to Lower, Middle and Upper Joffre lakes. The trail to the top is approximately 10 kilometres, with a well-established path and some steep sections on incline. A viewpoint for Lower Joffre Lake is accessible 500 metres from the parking lot.

The striking blue colour of the lakes is caused by “rockflour” – or glacial silt – that is suspended in the water and reflects green and blue wavelengths of sunlight. Deer, black bears, grizzly bears and mountain goats reside in the area.

Keep an eye out for...

– Pikas can be spotted at Upper Joffre Lake. Listen for their distinct call and try and spot them among the rocks.

– Changes in the weather – winter conditions are to be expected November through May, however, it’s not uncommon for Upper Joffre Lake to see snow during summer months as well.

How to get there

The park is located Off Hwy 99 east of Pemberton on the Duffey Lake Road. See the BC Parks map. Know before you go – be sure to check out park information, current weather and trail conditions and prepare to adventure safely. Remember to practice Leave No Trace principles.