Our program staff share tips to staying comfortable outside

Just because the seasons shift doesn’t mean you need to hunker down inside and wait for spring weather to get outside and enjoy adventures in nature. At Power To Be,  we love to get outside year round with a little knowledge and planning you can be just as comfortable outside in the winter.

When being active in cold weather conditions, it is important to layer your clothing. A good rule of thumb is having at least three layers.

Inner layer

The inner layer is the layer closest to your body. The function of this layer is to wick moisture away from your skin. You want something made of synthetic fibers, wool or silk. Stay away from cotton as it tends to trap moisture causing your core body temperature to drop.

Mid layer

The second layer is your insulating layer. This layer is intended to trap the heat close to your body, keeping you nice and warm. These articles are normally fleeces, wool, or down. Again, stay away from anything cotton.

Outer layer

The third, outer layer is your protection from the elements. This layer needs to keep you dry from the rain and provide protection from the wind.  A waterproof shell makes a great outer layer.

Layering provides you options and options are your key to success. If you’re hot or starting to sweat, shed a layer. If you stop moving or start cooling down add a layer. Remember your body is like an engine and it takes time and energy to warm it up. Making sure you add a layer before you get too cold is going to be way easier than warming up once you have gotten really cold.

When layering you can’t forget about your head, most of the body’s heat is lost from your head so toques, hats, buffs and even hoods can provide you with a lot of extra warmth. In terms of surface area of the body, the legs make up a large portion but are often neglected when layering so don’t overlook the value of a pair of long johns and rain pants.

Although breathable hard shell technology is getting pretty good and we all love its aesthetic and lightweight nature, don’t underestimate the ability of tried, test and true rubber rain gear. Especially if you love to play on the coast, rubber rain gear is an affordable option that works great.