Power To Be’s partnership model centers on engaging other sectors and industries, including tourism partners such as the Sea To Sky Gondola. When we first met the amazing team at the Gondola, we were taking our participants to their site and their staff were so excited to meet us and welcomed us with true authenticity. They see themselves as a place where “beauty beckons” and as an organization that strives to be welcoming and inclusive. Over the past few years, we have worked with them to bring our groups to experience the Gondola’s landscape, and to provide workshops and knowledge sharing opportunities to broaden their inclusive approaches, with the goal to reach more people with diverse needs.

This year, as both Power To Be and Sea to Sky Gondola were coming back into a new reality, after restrictions began to loosen, it was important that their team started opening their doors again with fresh perspectives and ideas around inclusion and accessibility. Power To Be facilitated a virtual knowledge sharing workshop with their staff from different departments. We looked at concepts around a people approach with an ability centered perspective. We also discussed how to create the optimal experience for visitors, and we explored modifications and equipment that could be used to offer options to support diverse needs.

“After facilitating the workshop with the Sea to Sky Gondola’s staff, we had the opportunity to run a Trail-Rider program and take one of our participants up the Gondola. It was their first time on the site, and they were so excited to have the opportunity to explore the area. The staff from the Sea to Sky Gondola were outstanding, welcoming us in their space and went the extra mile to make sure we had all the support we needed. From the second we arrived to get tickets, to slowing the Gondola for us and having a private space for us to transfer our participant to the Trail-Rider, our experience was wonderful and every staff we passed had a huge smile on their face when they recognized us. They were ready to apply all the knowledge we shared during our workshop.” – Manu, Program Facilitator, Power To Be.

To see this relationship expand illustrates the power in partnerships when our collective goals and values align. Sea to Sky Gondola is a community connector, a steward of nature through their Legacy Program, and a unique experience to remember. We are grateful to collaborate and benefit from the incredible access to nature that they provide.


This blog was written by Carinna Kenigsberg, Power To Be‘s Director of Programs & Impact. When she is not working, you can find her discovering mossy knolls with her adventurous boys and playful pup.