Volunteers spend weekend honing skills for program

We are so grateful at Power To Be to have such an amazing group of volunteers. Those that attended the training came with a wonderful curiosity, were very engaged and created some great bonds throughout the weekend.

 MG 7906

Friday afternoon and evening consisted of soaking up the pre-summer sunshine at Camp Barnard, learning about the Power To Be culture, receiving relevant volunteering resources and playing games to get to know one another.

 MG 7874

Having volunteers from different educational backgrounds, work experiences and lengths of involvement with Power To Be brings richness to these trainings, as well as to our programs. Right away volunteers were sharing stories, asking questions and creating connections with each other and staff.

The night was complete with a sleep under a blanket of bright stars.

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Saturday was a packed day of learning and connecting. It started off with a morning stretch and an engaging chat around diverse ability awareness.

Volunteers then rotated through sessions led by program facilitators and our program manager. They learned about adaptations for kayaking, lifts and transfers for water-based activities and some of the nature immersion games that are often facilitated on program.

 MG 8039

After lunch the groups came together for a hike with the TrailRider. Volunteers assumed roles and rotated through the hike supporting each other around every bend and challenge. Volunteers worked together with solid communication and teamwork.

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We could not run the majority of our adaptive recreation programs without the help of our dedicated, competent, and enthusiastic volunteers. Thank you to all of you who dedicate your time and energy to enhancing our programs. We are so lucky to have such a talented group who see the true value and intention behind the work that we do.

Thank you to Camp Barnard for hosting us and to our volunteer Liz for lending us her camera and photography talents.

– Story shared by Kendal Gerus, program support specialist