It’s a warm July morning. Travelling through the windswept wild grasses of the meadow, our group makes its way towards a little white tent nestled in between the trees. The families, staff, and volunteers all mix together as we excitedly make our way towards the knowledgeable folks from Rocky Point Observatory. Pulling up into a shady spot, helping adjust the two TrailRiders some participants are using so they can come in close, we gather around to learn about the sparrows and thrushes the group is banding today. The opportunity to see these beautiful creatures up close and handled with such care, is what participants are still talking about when we say our goodbyes at the end of the weekend.

On this sunny weekend in July, peers and their families from Spinal Cord Injury BC made their way to our home on Prospect Lake to spend a few days camping, learning, and playing in nature. From kayaking to trivia to s’mores making, it was a weekend of fun and community. For many folks joining us, it had been a decade since they last spent time camping. As the site at Prospect Lake has grown and developed, we get closer and closer to a home that everyone can explore. The accessible tent pads built by Heroworks and the large amounts of camping gear ready to outfit families with helped to create some comfortable little nylon homes for the weekend.

Our partnership with SCI BC is interregional and has spanned many years. We were fortunate to have two of their amazing staff join us for this weekend, and it was a joy to hear stories of this overnight and other adventures from years gone by. In their own words, “Spinal Cord Injury BC (SCI BC) is a non-profit organization dedicated to helping people with spinal cord injuries and related disabilities, adjust, adapt, and thrive. Currently, we serve over 2,800 British Columbians and their families and friends, by providing answers, information and unique community experiences that change lives.” Partnering with SCI BC means we are able to get even more people out in nature and experiencing some of the magic moments we saw this weekend on the water and around the campfire.

In addition to this weekend we had SCIBC attend our site earlier in the month for a kayak and picnic day. On this day we were able to get two groups on the water for a paddle at Prospect Lake and shared a great lunch together. The group was mixed from long time Power to Be participants to some who kayaking for the first time since their injury. These experiences are so valuable for our participants and it emphasizes the importance of our partnership with organizations like SCIBC.