by Carinna Kenigsberg, Director of Programs and Impact

Picture this: waves calmly crashing, shared smiles, laughter in the air, and the wild beauty of the west coast. In November, we were fortunate to offer an important experience for the remarkable moms connected to our BC Children’s Hospital (BCCH) Oncology partnership. We headed to Tofino, a beautiful place to connect and unwind, thanks to collaborations with Long Beach Lodge and Pacific Coastal Airlines.

For over 15 years, we’ve teamed up with BCCH, focusing on providing meaningful adventures for their youth. Once a year, our focus shifts to the unsung heroes – the caregivers. This particular trip was in support of moms. Whether they flew or drove, the journey started with each mom finding solace in the forest, connecting with nature, and forming bonds with fellow caregivers.

Encouragement was everywhere, pushing these resilient moms to embrace the therapeutic ocean, relax in the hot tub, express creativity through crafts, engage in heart-to-heart talks, and enjoy good meals. Their gratitude was genuine. One participant said, “Everything was great. It was a privilege! Food was delicious. Accommodations were beautiful. Really needed the time away!” This experience offered a collective sense of relief and rejuvenation.

Another participant shared how impactful these trips are, emphasizing their importance during tough times. It’s a chance for these moms to feel supported and not alone. Beyond the beautiful landscapes, these moms found strength in unity, support in laughter, and comfort in shared experiences.

The partnership between Power To Be and BCCH is very important to us because it allows us to create an intentional space, complementing the hard work of hospital staff, parents, and participants. Together, we contribute to the broader community by building connections that last a lifetime. These retreats go beyond vacations; they showcase the strength of solidarity, the healing impact of nature, and the spirit of remarkable caregivers who inspire us all.