Adaptive Recreation participants explore around Camp Barnard

It started with people getting acquainted as we set up our bunks and helped prepare dinner for the evening. Before we knew it we were all smiling, sharing stories, and getting ready for dessert. We spent the rest of the evening roasting marshmallows, playing guitar, singing by the fire, and enjoying the occasion to have an evening under the stars.

Saturday began with a polar bear swim by a few courageous people and some supporters. Breakfast was on the go and then we got ready for our hike to find Cougar Caves. As a team, we hiked to our destination and got to explore these remarkable caves. We had a surprising encounter with a little bat, that we all got a good laugh out of, and once we were ready we headed to camp.

20151007-camp barnard 2

As we were carefully making our way down, a participant looked over at me and said, “How did I even get up here?” This comment took my breath away. In that moment someone was being challenged, pushed out of their comfort zone, and encouraged the entire way. They had accomplished something they didn’t believe was possible for them without even noticing it until they were on their way back down. Power To Be inspired them to persevere and grow from this because they were with people who wanted to see them succeed, and were willing to give them the time and opportunities to make that possible.

Every time I go out with Power To Be I am taken away by the calibre of staff, volunteers, and participants who choose to be apart of this amazing adventure. If you think Power To Be is solely about helping the participants you are wrong; the participants help us more than you could ever imagine.

20151007-camp barnard 3

I left this weekend feeling fortunate to have been able to get to know everyone, share this experience with them, and so motivated to continue climbing my own mountains, making sure to surround myself with people who want to see me reach the top. Thanks Power To Be for an unforgettable weekend!

– Story shared by Santana Storoschuk, practicum student