This blog post was written by a Power To Be Participant, who experienced her first time camping alone during an overnight trip with Power To Be.

Facing my fears in the forest

For a very long time, I have wanted to go camping alone in a tent in the forest. However, for me, camping poses many big challenges; so it has always simply been a dream.  I just kept thinking, maybe it is too scary.

However, when I was offered the opportunity to camp at Prospect Lake, I knew that I was ready, and I knew the time was now.  When the confirmation came a week before the trip, I almost thought I wasn’t brave enough to follow through with it; but with the help of Power To Be, I was able to work through a lot of the anxiety that I was experiencing.

This support from staff carried over into the trip, as they were a great help, providing me with help that I didn’t even know I needed. They helped me to put up my tent and made sure that I had the gear that I needed and lots of layers of clothing for overnight. When I got into my tent I was wrapped up in such a cocoon of blankets that we laughed at the idea that in the morning I might emerge a butterfly!

That night when the stars were out, I experienced the sight of the big dipper. This moment was like a special sign from my mom, who had taught me about the constellations as a child. When it was time to go to sleep, my anxiety and fear came back. I needed reassurance of my bravery, and the Power To Be staff gently reminded me they have lots of wilderness experience and not to worry as they know what to do about wildlife or an emergency. They even let me have a walkie talkie which made me feel very safe. Looking back now, I laugh about it because they were in a tent right beside mine!

Manue and Jen from Power To be helped me to feel relaxed and calmed my anxiety so I was able to really enjoy my experience camping. Thank you to the Power To Be team for all your love and support; I could not have done it without you!