In celebration of National Volunteer Week, we would like to take a moment to honour our incredible volunteer community at Power To Be.  

Thank you volunteers! We value and recognize your passion for connection, community and the deep-rooted belief that everyone should have access to the raw and therapeutic power of nature.  

Spanning ocean wide from Victoria to Vancouver and through various volunteer roles and contributions, together, your impact is massive.  

To us, you are impact generators. Each action and unique role you play is integral and valued!  

Program Volunteers, you enhance the quality of our programs by arriving openly, genuinely meeting participants where they are at, adventuring together into the wild and providing support where needed so access is possible. You go above and beyond sharing unique skillsets and talents enhancing our program. Many of you have expressed personal growth and learning from our participants speaking to the synergistic nature of this community and the essence of your depth and leadership! You help to further the necessary inclusion movement forward as ambassadors of this work.     

Board and Committee members, we cannot thank you enough for your generosity, leaning in and sharing your time and sound guidance to support our organization. Your expertise and insightful leadership are greatly appreciated.  

Event Volunteers, you help us to raise the necessary funds to keep our programs alive and well. Thank you for year after year, contributing largely to the success of our signature fundraising events by bringing your A-game with rock star enthusiasm and adaptability.   

Prospect Lake Site Volunteers, thank you for never shying away from getting into the dirt and helping us to define what our new site will be! You bring your valuable perspectives, hard work, and positive vibes to help maintain or create new opportunities that directly impact program delivery.  

Administrative Volunteers, you help increase inhouse efficiency offering unique perspectives, personal expertise and truly brighten our community.  

Practicum Students, thank you for choosing us to explore, expand and deepen your learning. You bring energy, excitement, and fresh viewpoints to our work and we thank you for that.  

Community Engagement Volunteers thank you for your ability to represent Power To Be in the community in the most natural and powerful way. You are ambassadors, a force for good. 

Family Roots Volunteers, your care and brilliance in supporting families through the incredible program provided by human nature counseling has never been overlooked. Thank you.  

Every individual action has a ripple effect. Like an intricate mosaic, each piece an integral part of something beautiful. An interwoven network of experiences, skills, perspectives, and energy creating one vibrant volunteer community which we are so grateful for!  

In 2019, volunteers contributed 7564 hours of their time.  

This is a gift.  

Thank you for your own poignant connection to nature and to your recognizable contribution to the Power To Be community at large.  

From our heart to yours,  

Thank you.  

“Community doesn’t just create abundance – community is abundance. If we could learn that equation from the world of nature, the human world might be transformed.”  –Parker J Palmer  

This blog was written by Kendal Wright, Power To Be‘s volunteer champion. Kendal is our People and Culture Lead and believes in the incredible power of volunteerism with the goal of creating connection and building vibrant communities.