At the invitation of longtime Power To Be donor Ryan Peterson of the Peterson Family Foundation, we recently had the opportunity to be part of a remarkable event hosted by the Business Council of British Columbia (BCBC). The event, titled “Strong Economy, Strong Community,” brought together businesses and charitable organizations in a sold-out engagement on April 2nd, 2024. Proceeds from the event were donated to three featured organizations: Power To Be, Covenant House Vancouver, and Ending Violence BC. For Power To Be, the event underscored the importance of community-building between businesses and non-profits. Our partnership with BCBC exemplifies the transformative potential of collaboration, as we work together towards common goals of social impact and community resilience.

Ryan Peterson, Jason Cole, Co-CEO of Power To Be, and Arnold Cheng, longtime Power To Be program participant and founder of Spectrum Ability, were part of a panel discussion with Jas Johal from CKNW, talking about collaboration between businesses and non-profits.

Jason Cole, Co-CEO of Power To Be, expressed our sentiments perfectly when he stated, “We are grateful to have engaged in this important event. By investing together in social impact, both the business and charitable sectors create a ripple effect that supports stronger communities today and into the future.”

Rahul Ray, our Board Chair, who was in attendance, adds, “The importance of philanthropy cannot be overstated. Through philanthropic partnerships, the investments made can help to generate hope, provide a spark, and build stronger communities.” Indeed, philanthropic partnerships serve as catalysts for positive change, providing not just financial support but also a sense of empowerment and connection to the community.

The event was flawlessly led, with BCBC representatives acknowledging the impactful stories shared by all the participating organizations. Laura Jones, President and CEO of BCBC, highlighted the mutually positive relationship between businesses and charities, noting that both contribute to vibrant communities. The generosity displayed by BCBC, who donated $10,000 to our cause at the event, is deeply appreciated, and will directly contribute to our mission of creating transformative outdoor experiences for those facing barriers.

Power To Be extends heartfelt gratitude to Ryan Peterson and Arnold Cheng. We are, of course, also grateful to BCBC for their support and dedication to building stronger, more resilient communities across British Columbia.

Photo credits to BCBC. Shown below: staff, participants, donors, and friends of Power To Be.