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The People of Power To Be

Staff Spotlight: Danica

Wear-er of many hats and an immense knowledge holder, Danica is a top-notch organizer at Power To Be. As Power To Be’s Systems & Projects Lead she has the incredible ability to keep our organization on track and moving forward while genuinely looking out for everyone at both an organizational and individual level.
The People of Power To Be

Remembering Pat Elemans

This past March we lost an exceptional member of the Power To Be community. A long time supporter of Power To Be, Pat Elemans joined the Board in 2014 and during her tenure as Director and Chair of the Nomination Committee imparted a high level of passion, knowledge, and skill to everyone at the table, furthering our organization’s networking reach, community relationships and fundraising efforts.
The People of Power To Be

Volunteer Spotlight: Nicola

In 2017, Nicola joined the Power To Be community, jumping into programming with enthusiasm, a dependable and sociable presence, and a readiness to support individuals of all abilities. She became involved as a volunteer as she wanted to bridge two of her passions together; exploring the outdoors, and inclusivity and accessibility.
The People of Power To Be

Staff Spotlight: Steph Wood

From dedicated Volunteer to Program Facilitator, Steph’s journey at Power To Be has been one of growth. Steph naturally stepped into the role of a Program Facilitator last summer and has since taken on coordinating Vancouver’s volunteers and their program experience. One might say, she has come full circle!

Power To Be Staff Favourites

During this time, many people are exploring new activities and hobbies and finding fun ways to spend their days, including Power To Be‘s staff team! Looking for some new ideas? Check out some of our program staff’s favourite shows, books, snacks, ...
The People of Power To Be

Staff Spotlight: Clay Webb

Clay started working at Power to Be in 2011 and since then has been integral to both our adaptive recreation and wilderness school programs. Now as the Head of Program Risk and Training in Victoria, Clay oversees the necessary training our staff needs to deliver stellar programs and continuously assess our program risk and quality so we can continue to be innovative members of the adaptive recreation community.
The People of Power To Be

Volunteer Spotlight: Sofia

Sofia is an admin volunteer at Power To Be’s Victoria office. Her smile and energy consistently bring a gentle calmness to our office space on Wharf St. Consistency, passion, and an awesome sense of style, Sofia has it all!
The People of Power To Be

Participant Spotlight: Ross

Having been a participant with Power To Be for almost 5 years, participant Ross Johnson has attended all kinds of adventures. When I asked Ross why he likes coming to Power To Be he said it is because we have helped him reach "so many goals". Ross has overcome fear, become more resilient, and had huge feelings of accomplishment from his time on programs.
The People of Power To Be

Staff Spotlight: Andrea MacDonald

Meet Andrea! Andrea’s journey with Power To Be started in 2014 as a practicum student in Vancouver while in Capilano University’s Outdoor Recreation Management program. Since joining Power To Be, Andrea has worked as a Program Facilitator, has managed the OA program, and is now one of Vancouver’s Community Development Coordinators and a mentor for many who have been a part of Power To Be. While at work, Andrea is fuelled by the opportunity to connect with others, and nature provides the setting to do just that. Andrea is an acute observer who absorbs and makes decisions that positively impact the people and situations around her. Thanks for all that you bring to Power To Be, Andrea!