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The People of Power To Be

Volunteer Spotlight: Alex

Known for his keenness, friendly energy, and versatility, Alex is praised for contributing to the success of some of our biggest fundraising projects this year. As a placement volunteer with our Advancement department, Alex has been hands on from day one with a “bring it on” kind of attitude!
The People of Power To Be

Participant Spotlight: Tim

Tim says that Power To Be reduces the risk so he doesn’t have to second guess what’s going on which allows him to feel a sense of security. He also loves the company during Power To Be programs, fellow participants talk about what is going on around him and he always feels connected to his surroundings.
The People of Power To Be

Staff Spotlight: Sylvia

Sylvia’s role is the heartbeat of our programs. She pumps life, perspective, talent, and practice into all areas she connects to and makes us stronger as a whole. She is the Youth and Families Adventure Lead and is the go to for many in our programs and in our organization.
The People of Power To Be

Volunteer Spotlight: Family Roots Volunteers

Our Family Roots volunteers are an incredible group of individuals that radiate the warmth and connection at the heart of this program. Through immersion in the outdoors, our dedicated group of Family Roots volunteers adventure, play, and grow alongside families to strengthen bonds, increase well-being, and promote resiliency.  
The People of Power To Be


What can I say about Ashleigh that hasn’t already been said? Well in a word… Wow! Ashleigh’s unwavering commitment to the team, volunteers, participants and the entire Power To Be community is incredible!
The People of Power To Be

Participant Spotlight: Chris

If you’ve been on a Power To Be program in Vancouver over the past three years, there’s a good chance you have had the pleasure of hanging out with this month’s participant spotlight, Chris. Chris got his start with Power To Be as he was looking for something to get him moving and into the outdoors.
The People of Power To Be

A Practicum Placement with Power To Be

A volunteer with Power To Be since 2014, Nate has supported the organization in many capacities. When the opportunity presented itself to join Power To Be's Marketing & Communications team as a volunteer practicum student as a requirement for school, Nate was all in. Read more about his experience contributing and learning at Power To Be.

Intern Spotlight: Damith

Damith joined our team as the Systems Administrator Intern in February of this year to complete a 6-month internship for his Master’s program, and he has settled right in as a core member of the team. He chose to work with Power To Be for his internship because he loves the mission-based work that we do.
The People of Power To Be

Staff Spotlight: Manue

Manue is a member of the Program Team in Vancouver and has been bringing her passion for the Power To Be community since 2017. Manue’s ability to connect with those around her is unrivaled and she is persistent in ensuring every voice is heard. Always putting participants at the heart of her practice, Manue is constantly finding ways to improve Power To Be’s program offerings.
The People of Power To Be

Volunteer Spotlight: Monique

Monique joined the Power To Be volunteer team in 2018, bringing her passion for community and the environment to our programs. Being outside and in nature is Monique’s happy place and she has a natural gift of sharing and spreading her love of the outdoors with staff and participants alike.