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Practice Programs

Colorado Collaborations – Learnings from fellow Adaptive Organizations

Last year, Power To Be’s Head of Programs and Services, Pete Carson, and I were approached with an opportunity to visit a number of organizations in Colorado who operate in very similar ways to Power To Be, with the intention to learn, share, and collaborate. Over three nights and two days at the beginning of November 2022, we were able to visit three organizations and one State Park, starting high in the Rocky Mountains.
Practice Programs Purpose

Inclusive Adventures: Connections and shared experiences

At Power To Be, we want to help our participants build skills and create positive outdoor experiences by removing barriers to nature. We are proud to offer a wide variety of programs to accommodate as many of our community’s needs as possible. The Inclusive Adventures stream is designed for folks who are keen to learn and grow through outdoor adventures.

Have A Go Days at Power To Be

A model that Power To Be has been piloting and testing over the last few years is called Have A Go events. A free community event where we facilitate in partnership with other service providers to offer a chance for people of all ages and abilities to come and enjoy a day of outdoor fun. One of our volunteers mentioned how many folks have expressed how great it is to “just show up and the rest will come to be”.

A Weekend of Exploring with Spinal Cord Injury B.C.

With the weather on their side, a group of families, staff and volunteers came together to enjoy nature. Our friends from Spinal Cord Injury BC got to explore Prospect lake, camp on our accessible tent pads, learn about banding, roast s'mores and so much more! It was definitely a weekend to remember.

Inclusive Adventures: Activity Sampler

Connection is at the heart of every Power To Be program; connection with nature, ourselves and others. This has been the impetus behind our program planning. On a late May program, a group of youth and adults met in a park in North Vancouver nestled in an inconspicuous place off the highway. Alli has lived in the area for a decade and had never ventured to this special park. This was the 2nd of 3 “Activity Sampler” programs offered and focused on Hiking.

Hiking and Mindfulness in Stanley Park

Despite the rain and chilled winds, our Vancouver Program Adventures Lead, Alli, led a large group of youths through Stanley Park. They took part in nature sculpting, hiking and some great conversations. The group had a wonderful program full of reflection and sharing that ended in lots of laughter and self-discovery!

Exploring with the Adventure Squad

Over the last 3-4 years Power To Be has had the opportunity to do multi/ progressive day programs with a class from North Saanich Middle School. For most of them simply being outside for the whole day is quite the adventure. It’s an opportunity for them to explore, be challenged, and grow. Adventure squad is all about exploring the natural environment.

Wilderness School and the Western Screech Owl Box Project

At the end of fall 2021, youth from the Wilderness School were offered an opportunity to work alongside a Power To Be volunteer, to help track the habitat and lifecycles of the Western Screech owl. Being able to be a part of and contribute to important ecological work such as this is a beautiful way in which we can honour the lands and waters we are so fortunate to dwell on.

Exploring the Malahat SkyWalk

At Power To Be, we are always looking for new community partners to work with that share our passion for connecting people with nature. And often we seek out those who can help to offer a new or unique way of making those connections. Perched high atop the Saanich Inlet, a breathtaking 250m above sea level, sits a relatively new feature to the forested and mountainous skyline of south-eastern Vancouver Island – the Malahat SkyWalk.