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Celebrating Wilderness School

Gathering as a community became increasingly important in 2020. We have had to forge new ways of connecting, building our community online, and remaining flexible during changing times. Despite being online, our year-end celebration still felt as magical as ever.

Capturing the Beauty of Nature

Our program team has always played with the idea of starting a “Nature Photography” program, but most of our staff don’t know their way around a camera. Enter Glenn: a long-time Power To Be volunteer, bird expert, professional photographer, and generally awesome human. Glenn agreed to help facilitate a Nature Photography program, and that’s when the magic really started to happen.

Celebrating Frontline Workers

This month, Power To Be wanted to say “thank you” to the frontline workers in our community for their dedication and hard work over these unprecedented months. Through the support of the Capilano Suspension Bridge Park, we provided opportunities for families to explore together and spend quality time immersed in nature.

Getting Back to Nature with Wilderness School

Covid-19 has impacted so many aspects of life here in B.C. This is no different when it comes to programs at Power To Be.  The Wilderness School specifically has been at the frontlines of this transition due to the unique, ongoing relationship we have with the teens in our program. This relationship has enabled the Wilderness School to be the first to pilot multiple program models to remain flexible to the changing needs and regulations.

Making Memories During Open Adventure

Power To Be's programs offer new opportunities to get outside and explore. We are so grateful for the places we visit, the people who are a part of our programs, and the experiences that we share in nature, together. Today, we at Power To Be are exploring Stanley Park with new Open Adventure participants. For some, it will be their first Power To Be program and for others, it will be their reconnection with Power To Be after multiple years.

Snowshoeing in Strathcona: A Wilderness School Adventure

Waist-deep snow, mountain ranges, and spectacular moonlit views; this is the adventure that Power To Be’s Year 3 Wilderness School Cohort embarked on this month. On a clear February day, 7 youth, 3 staff members and a Power To Be volunteer headed out into the snow for a two-day, one-night snowshoeing adventure at Strathcona Provincial Park. The journey’s destination? Lake Helen Mackenzie, an 8-kilometre trail loop and a popular camping spot during both summer and winter.

Conquering Camping: A Participant’s Story

"For a very long time, I have wanted to go camping alone in a tent in the forest. However, for me, camping poses many big challenges; so it has always simply been a dream. However, when I was offered the opportunity to camp at Prospect Lake, I knew that I was ready, and I knew the time was now."

Watch Ryan Surf

Ryan got to go surfing. Watch this incredible experience and if his story inspires you, please share the story and consider donating to Power To Be today to ensure more people can experience moments that matter.