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Power To Be’s Quarterly Impact Report – Q3 2023

We are so excited to be celebrating Power To Be’s 25th year: what a journey it has been! Thank you to everyone who has participated in or created the numerous opportunities to bring our community together to enjoy the benefits and beauty of nature. As we transition into the autumn months, we are taking the opportunity to look towards the future, which looks brighter than ever.

Power To Be and Nature Bee: Limited Edition Beeswax Wraps

Power To Be was presented with an exciting opportunity to partner with Nature Bee to create custom Beeswax wraps where 15% of the proceeds are donated to Power To Be. The timing was perfect as Nature Bee celebrates their 5th anniversary this year, and Power To Be celebrates our 25th! We caught up with Katie Gamble, Founder of Nature Bee, to share more about Nature Bee and what makes their products so special!

The Peterson Family Foundation: Accessibility and the Vision for the Future

Ryan Peterson advocates for inclusion and leverages his creative thinking to drive change in the area of accessibility.  Ryan, a prominent name in the BC tech industry, and his wife Monica have a passion for inclusion and accessibility.  They established the Peterson Family Foundation to champion a world where barriers are removed, creating an environment that inspires creativity and possibility.  

Sharing our Knowledge: NatureKids Workshop

Magic happens when you bring together organizations with shared passion. Staff and volunteer club leaders from NatureKids BC joined us virtually to learn about making the outdoors more accessible for all. We are passionate about our mission and know that for everyone to belong in nature, we need to work with partners to move the inclusion movement forward.
Practice Programs

Colorado Collaborations – Learnings from fellow Adaptive Organizations

Last year, Power To Be’s Head of Programs and Services, Pete Carson, and I were approached with an opportunity to visit a number of organizations in Colorado who operate in very similar ways to Power To Be, with the intention to learn, share, and collaborate. Over three nights and two days at the beginning of November 2022, we were able to visit three organizations and one State Park, starting high in the Rocky Mountains.
Practice Programs Purpose

Inclusive Adventures: Connections and shared experiences

At Power To Be, we want to help our participants build skills and create positive outdoor experiences by removing barriers to nature. We are proud to offer a wide variety of programs to accommodate as many of our community’s needs as possible. The Inclusive Adventures stream is designed for folks who are keen to learn and grow through outdoor adventures.

Creating new opportunities: How adaptive equipment supports overcoming barriers

Throughout the years, we have worked hard to improve our programs to make them more accessible. We cater these programs to our participants’ needs and desires and consistently discover new ways to support them in reaching their goals. By being curious, exploring, and asking questions, we have found many different kinds of adaptive equipment to support our participants in accessing nature and experiencing the magic of the outdoors.

Trading Thoughts and Approaches: TrailRider Programs

Recently, we met with members from BC Mobility Opportunities Society (BCMOS), Strathcona Wilderness Institute, and CRIS Adaptive to discuss the TrailRider. This device will make the outdoors even more accessible and allow anyone to venture to incredible places, create connection within our community and discover the wonders nature has to offer.