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Adaptive Recreation

A TRON Adventure to Croteau Lake

Not one adventure is ever the same as one that came before. You can go to the same place, but the experience is always different. For this trip, our goal was to provide a family with a unique wilderness experience. To achieve this, connection and collaboration between several groups was essential and, as we discovered, enriching for everyone involved.
Adaptive Recreation

A Community of Belonging

Power To Be exists beyond the four walls of any given building, beyond the structure of a day hike, beyond the flurry of activity at Power To Play. It exists in every person who supports, participates, works, volunteers, advocates for, and champions Power To Be.
Adaptive Recreation

You belong in nature and so do I.

I have had a phenomenal experience with Power To Be. With only 1% of my vision remaining, I felt that I couldn’t do many of the outdoor activities that I had always enjoyed. However, Power To Be has helped me to reclaim my relationship with the outdoors and has been a big part of my journey of self-discovery in trying to navigate life without vision.
Adaptive Recreation

Hiking at Prospect Lake: Support every step of the way

The hike was filled with stories, laughing, and teamwork, as we encouraged each other during steep hills and sharp corners. I was amazed by the group dynamics and how quickly everyone effortlessly meshed together. Everyone was there for the same purpose, to share in an adventure together, and to support one another every step of the way, and it showed.

Watch Ryan Surf

Ryan got to go surfing. Watch this incredible experience and if his story inspires you, please share the story and consider donating to Power To Be today to ensure more people can experience moments that matter.