Pursuing projects for social change. Our focus is flexible to fill specific needs.

Our Catalyst For Good program aims to drive impact forward. We work to assess ongoing needs in our community and find solutions through compassion, collaboration, and connection.
See below for some projects we’ve done in the past.

Get Growing with Power To Be

This amazing program is providing a selection of the top 15 vegetable and herb starts for easy growing by the novice gardener, and suitable for a variety of locations, such as garden beds in yards or container gardening on decks and balconies.

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Partnering with Backpack Buddies

Power To Be has partnered with Backpack Buddies, a non-profit organization that provides lunches to school-aged youth, to help support their revamped outreach program. By utilizing our resources and staff power, we have helped deliver meals in Metro-Vancouver.

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From the Sea to the Sky

Power To Be has been working with Sea To Sky Gondola to bring our groups to experience the Gondola’s landscape, and to provide workshops and knowledge sharing opportunities to broaden their inclusive approaches, with the goal to reach more people with diverse needs.

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NatureKids Workshop

Staff and volunteer club leaders from NatureKids BC joined us virtually to learn about making the outdoors more accessible for all. We are passionate about our mission and know that for everyone to belong in nature, we need to work with partners to move the inclusion movement forward.

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Paddleboard Donation to Kitasoo

Power To Be worked with HWB and donated paddleboards to deliver to Kitasoo First Nation. The paddleboards will be used this summer, amongst the whole community, so that everyone in the Kitasoo Nation has an opportunity to explore nature.

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